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By Robbin Denham Mar 20, 2023 | 5:06 PM

SoCast NAB 2023


SoCast has been innovating for Broadcasters for over 10+ years and now provides sales, enablement, billing, and automation together in one solution, called SoCast ReachAs the counterbalance to the SoCast Engage digital content management system for omni-channels to the audience, together provide today’s Broadcasters with the Digital Operating System for Radio they need to continue to grow into digital media powerhouses.

SoCast Engage / ReachThe industry trend began years ago and continues to pick up steam. On-air advertising sales continue to drop while digital sales continue to skyrocket.  Broadcasters are gradually growing their digital share of revenue, but this digital transformation hasn’t come without its challenges. 

As Broadcasters grow digital sales to a bigger part of their repertoire, they soon discover that while they may have learned to sell digital, they haven’t set up their sales and financial operations to support how to sell it, process the sales, and harmonize with their on-air operations.

Broadcasters have relied on their legacy billing systems and workflows for years, but selling digital is different and these systems are not equipped to support these sales. As a result Broadcaster sales and finance teams are left to hack these systems to make it all work. 

As an example, selling and fulfilling performance-based campaigns is a struggle with legacy systems. Reconciling digital impressions and conversions between what was promised and what is invoiced is a manual process. Legacy systems don’t support this data. Sales and financial teams are stretched thin as a result. As the digital ad industry moves towards attributing ROI with transparency, radio is being left behind.



SoCast provides a digital sales platform that makes creating proposals and managing campaigns specifically for broadcast sales teams easy.




SoCast bridges the gap of bringing in digital ad sales and converts it in such a way that it is processed by existing systems like WideOrbit and SDS integrating it’s digital sales platform into your custom set up.




SoCast centralizes your digital sales, campaigns, proposals, orders, and reporting, with connected workflows, all in one dashboard to make digital sales and finance harmonious with your on-air business.




SoCast models your digital growth roadmap with: 1) Enablement and training to address your Sales team’s knowledge gap and confidence to sell digital 2) Managed service with the lowest rates to grow digital 3)  Integrations and customizations for removing friction to scale digital for enterprise.

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