Top 4 things to look out for at this year’s NAB Show

By Elliott Hurst Apr 13, 2022 | 2:23 PM

NAB Show 2022

As the broadcast industry continues to move towards a post-COVID world, Vegas welcomes back the National Association of Broadcaster’s NAB Show this April. Not only is it the first time broadcasters have come together in person since 2019, but this is the first conference where radio has been folded into the programming schedule that has largely been dominated by our television cousins. Without an exclusive focus on radio, it’s easy for our industry to get lost in all the bright lights and sounds of Vegas.

There are 4 key things I hope to see at this year’s NAB Show:

#1 – Data Data Data

With audiences shifting from the AM/FM band to digital tuning to radio, broadcasters now have access to valuable first party data from their website and app – giving you valuable insights into your listeners as well as providing your advertising clients unique ways to access your own proprietary audiences. As data becomes even more of a commodity, how will radio and television adapt to this data-driven world?  Are you leveraging the eyes and ears that are visiting your website and listening to your stream effectively?

#2 – New Advertiser Categories

Since the last RAB conference in 2019, two new major advertiser categories have opened up across the country – gambling and cannabis. How can radio target these lucrative new categories while still playing within the advertising guidelines around these tightly regulated industries? As online gaming emerges as another potential category, what can radio do to get in on the ground floor and grow both revenue and audiences alongside.

#3 – Listener Device of Choice

No longer are people putting AM/FM radios on the kitchen counter or on their nightstands. The past few years have seen an explosion of smart devices that function as music jukeboxes as well as streaming devices for listeners to connect to their favorite local radio station. Will that extend into the forthcoming “metaverse” or some other new technology that will bring on the next revolution in our industry?

#4 – Connecting with the industry

Although there’s a sprinkling of radio throughout the entire NAB Show schedule, it isn’t the main focus. You will likely want to hang mostly around the North Hall to catch the radio-specific panels, presentations and booths. For those of us who like to network, North Hall is going to be the place to be to rub elbows with fellow radio broadcasters.

NAB Show 2022

And I hope to see more than a few of you at this year’s NAB Show!  SoCast will be meeting with industry partners throughout the show this year, talking about the digital disruption that we are all experiencing. If you’re a broadcaster that is looking to reduce your digital suppliers, engage new listeners and reach new audiences for your advertisers, SoCast can help accelerate your transformation!

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Elliot Hurts, CEO and Co-Founder SoCast Digital

Elliott Hurst

Co-Founder and CEO
SoCast Digital


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