SoCast Celebrates The 2022 Holiday Season With A Charity Inspired Secret Gift Exchange

By Robbin Denham Dec 14, 2022 | 4:37 PM

Every year, the team at SoCast has hosted a secret gift exchange to celebrate the holidays internally. During the pandemic and the continued economic downturn, we wanted to help positively impact the charities and organizations that need us most, so we decided to turn our secret gift exchange into a way to give back. By sharing, our hope is to inspire others to find their own ways to give back this holiday season! ✨

How it works:

1. Everyone includes their name, and the link to a cause that’s important to them.
2. We randomly draw names (we use an online generator).
3. We learn about, and make a donation to the cause for the person whose name we received in the random draw.
4. During the holiday party (or a virtual get-together) we all share who we drew, and what we learned about their charity or cause. This also gives the person in your organization an opportunity to share with the group why that cause was important to them and the impact their donation will have!

This tradition is truly a wonderful way to learn a little bit more about everyone in the company by the charities we pick and why they mean so much to us; and it brings us all a little closer together as we still continue to work remotely.

Here’s a list of where we donated this year:

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