New! Automated Insertion Orders Now Available in SoCast Reach

Aug 18, 2022 | 10:56 AM

Today’s update to the SoCast Reach platform includes one of our most requested feature upgrades – the ability to automate insertion orders (IOs) and their approval!

IOs are an important part of the digital advertising process, allowing agencies and clients to have a templated way to agree on campaign goals, timeframes and objectives. The process can be manual and cumbersome, and mistakes can cost both you and your client.  That’s why we’ve taken the step of automating the process, eliminating the manual entry and approval process.

Once you’ve secured sign off from your advertising client, all you need to do is log back into SoCast Reach and click on the campaign you’ve just sold. Follow the steps below and an email will be generated and sent off to the appropriate approver prior to the campaign being booked.

Steps to Generate and Approve an IO

Insertion Order Stage 1 - Mark Sold

Stage 1 – Review campaign proposal and click “Mark Sold and Review IO”

IO Stage 2 - Request Approval

Stage 2 – Review IO and confirm details. If information matches what the client agreed to, click the “Request Approval” button. An email will be sent to your company’s designated approver.

Cancel IO

Stage 3 – If you have made a mistake or need to cancel the request, you have the option of clicking “Cancel Approval”

By minimizing the manual administration work involved in generating and approving IOs, we anticipate this helps our Account Executives get back to what they do best – selling more digital campaigns!

If you have any questions about the IO process or the SoCast Reach platform in general, reach out to us at adsales@socastdigital.com.