TikTok Now Available Through SoCast Reach!

By Noah Walji (SoCast) Aug 16, 2022 | 2:19 PM

TikTok AdvertisingSoCast is proud to announce that TikTok advertising is now available to our partners using SoCast Reach!

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms available to advertisers with more than 1 billion users world-wide.  Although it skews towards a younger audience it’s not just for kids and boasts 900+ million users 18 years or older.

In many ways, TikTok advertising looks similar to Facebook advertising.  Formats are a mixture of images and videos, although video advertising is the clear winner on both platforms in terms of engagement. But unlike Facebook, TikTok is exclusively a mobile social network and not accessible on desktops. Effective advertising on TikTok takes that into account, and creative is largely vertical in nature with a clear, easy to understand call to action.

Campaign goals are also similar to Facebook with targeting options at every stage of the Customer Journey – Awareness, Consideration & Conversion. Campaign targeting can allow you to find an audience demographic, those who have specific interests, or even people who’ve visited your website or given you their email address!

Geographically, however, targeting based on location can be limited and only includes larger metropolitan areas. That may pose a problem for those smaller businesses who have tight hyper-local targeting goals as part of their campaigns.

If you are looking to build brand with a key demographic or have users fill out a lead generation form, TikTok can be a great addition any business’ annual marketing strategy.  Talk to your SoCast Marketing Strategist about how TikTok can help your advertisers by emailing adsales@socastdigital.com.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

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