SoCast’s Takeaways From NAB 2022

By Elliott Hurst May 3, 2022 | 10:30 AM
SoCast's Sandy and Elliott Hurst at NAB 2022

SoCast Cofounders and brothers, Sandy Hurst and Elliott Hurst

It’s been two years since I’ve attended a conference like NAB Show 2022. Like most of you, COVID has limited our ability to travel and network with our cousins in the broadcast industry, and this year’s NAB Show provided us a great opportunity to get back on the road. Who doesn’t enjoy a few days in Vegas?

Since the RAB announced that the Radio Show would be combined with NAB, those of us in the radio business have wondered how we would fit in the much larger conference. Unfortunately, without a concentrated area for radio broadcasters, attendees didn’t get to see and hear about all the good things happening within our industry. Even though the quality of the content for radio was top-notch, being the little brother to video & television was apparent and some broadcasters might question the value of attending next year unless more content is included.

One theme I picked up on at NAB was how programming and sales are continuing to blur the lines between departments. Church and state must coexist if radio is going to thrive in the coming years, and it was interesting to hear from broadcasters who were finding common ground between PDs and Sales Managers. Leveraging the audience insights that programming can provide is a great way for your sales team to tell the story of who’s listening, and why they’re the best customers for your clients. Does your PD come on client calls to your high value customers?

During virtually every session and meeting I attended this ear had a shift in the conversation surrounding digital transformation from the last time I was at a similar conference. In 2019, broadcasters were still largely giving “lip service” to the need to embrace the tsunami of change that was upon them. Fast forward a few years and those same broadcasters are now realizing it’s time to sink or swim before tech giants and agencies gobble up even more of their advertiser’s dollars. For those of us who have been preaching the need for change, it’s refreshing to be beyond the argument about whether or not to make the leap into digital. Today, its more about how to do it effectively and scale your business.

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Elliot Hurts, CEO and Co-Founder SoCast Digital

Elliott Hurst

Co-Founder and CEO
SoCast Digital