Partner Success Stories

Learn how SoCast’s radio broadcast partners are benefitting from using the SoCast digital platform

As Director of Digital Sales at Stingray, I can attest to the strength of our partnership with SoCast and their capabilities. A standout moment in our collaboration was the rapid and seamless integration of SoCast’s Delivery Reports. This swift action by SoCast was crucial, preventing any potential disruption for our sales team and advertisers. Its not just the product that impresses, but the team behind it their responsiveness, understanding of our needs, and ability to integrate complex systems quickly and efficiently. This partnership has laid a solid foundation for future successes in our digital sales.


Ryan Shortt
National Director of Digital Strategy

Transitioning to the SoCast platform was quick and easy. We are very pleased with the level of support and collaboration we’ve received and the team found the platform to be extremely user friendly.


Bud Walters
Founder & President

Our company has experienced tremendous growth through acquisition over the years. With that growth came about the opportunity to unify the entire organization under the SoCast CMS solution to provide a better experience for our listeners, improve workflow for our Wildly Talented Team members, while still giving our stations the opportunity to customize their online presence to suit the individual needs of the operation and the market.


Rob Schween

We are extremely happy with our SoCast partnership. The staff and management have made themselves available during every step of the digital sales process. Whether it’s video conferencing, email or in-person assistance with building campaigns or participation in client meetings, they are a vital partner to us in regards to digital sales. The team has helped our seasoned broadcast sales staff to navigate easily through the digital sales process and enabled them to secure several new programmatic clients that are not traditional media advertisers. SoCast makes it easy for us to get great results!


Susan Kelly
General Sales Manager

We have been using SoCast as our digital partner for the last four years. They have been wonderful to work with as we have grown our digital platforms. They are a true partner with both our sales and on-air departments. They have truly become a trusted resource to us! Plus, they have been patient beyond belief with us as we have slowly evolved to a broader marketing mindset beyond radio.


Kelly Radandt
General Manager

For the last year we have partnered with SoCast as our digital partner to offer our clients a full range of digital opportunities and solutions. The team has been great to work with and all of our sales teams along with our clients have learned a lot in the process. Evolving our teams from understanding traditional media and adding the digital component has led to some fantastic successes to date. We look forward to continuing the positive momentum with this key partnership between Evanov Communications and SoCast in the times ahead!


Lars Wunsche
Executive Vice President, Radio & Sales

The SoCast team provided an amazing experience from introduction through to implementation. Their thorough onboarding and training made learning and using the platform very easy and we were able to build all of our websites ahead of schedule. Having one platform to manage all of our content and analytics has allowed us to really step up our digital game.


Channah Hanberg
Digital Media Manager