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Webinar Recording - The 5 Top Radio Trends for 2019 


Wondering what's hot, what's not and what your radio stations should be focusing on in digital in 2019? In this webinar we will share:


  • Critical trends that will impact radio broadcasters in 2019 and beyond


  • Why these trends are important to your success 


  • Real strategies on how you can capitalize on them and drive results 


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Webinar Recording - Do You Want Digital With That?


Looking for practical and proven ideas to help your sales team drive digital revenue in 2019? In this webinar we will share:


  • reasons why radio sellers need to add digital to their pitches and explain how to pitch
  • techniques on how to price and package their digital offerings to make it easy to upsell digital to get more of their ad partner's budgets and entice new ad partners
  • how to build a digital media kit and rate card to enable your sales teams to sell digital to your ad partners


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Webinar Recording - How To Turn Digital Into Dollars


In this webinar, we show you practical and proven ideas to drive digital revenue and grow audience data. We will share:


  • 5 digital campaigns that you can implement immediately to generate significant digital revenue at your radio stations
  • Creative digital tools that will help you generate engaging content and grow your audience data
  • How to build a digital media kit and rate card to enable your sales teams to sell digital to your ad partners


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Radio Show 2018 Top Takeaways infographic v2
Download this Infographic for a quick recap of the 7 Hottest Takeaways from Radio Show 2018.
Key topics discussed included:
  • Competition in the car
  • Radio's growth opportunity in the home
  • Revenue growth through digital

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Digital is no longer just a value added component for radio broadcasters. It is the foundation on which successful stations are driving significant growth in engagement and digital revenue.
To achieve digital success you need to do the following: 
  • Expand reach with "Radio Everywhere"
  • Engage listeners with "One Stop Publishing"
  • Monetize audiences with " New Digital Revenue"


Are your radio stations prepared for 2019? Our updated checklist shows you how to deliver on each of these objectives


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Ebook - Digital Revenue Toolkit for Radio

Digital revenue has become a significant revenue source for many broadcasters. With the constant addition of new digital channels, making sure that your team is prepared to take advantage of these channels is critical. 


This toolkit contains resources to help drive digital revenue which discuss:


  • Leveraging digital channels to extend the value of content
  • Maximizing internal resources 
  • Using analytics to identify and replicate success
  • Digital checklist to help manage strategy
 Ebook - Virtual Manpower

Consistently publishing great content is a cornerstone for digital success. Learn how to make it easier for your staff to create, publish, and promote your content through multiple channels and engage your audience in the places they spend time online.  

This guide explains how to leverage virtual manpower to help with:

  • Simplify media-rich content creation
  • Drive engagement through social media
  • Amplify the content you create
  • Allow staff to do more with their time
Ebook - Radio Everywhere

Reaching your listeners through different digital channels is the key to maximizing engagement with them. We have outlined four critical digital channels that your stations need to play in to keep your audience's attention. 

 Inside you will find key strategies to connect with users in the following channels:

  • Radio websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social media
  • Smart Speakers
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Ebook - The Key Digital Metrics for Radio and Strategies to Optimize Them


Do you know the most important digital metrics for your radio stations?


Do you know good benchmarks to aim for in each of these metrics?


Do you know how to optimize each of these metrics?


If you answered 'no' or 'not sure' to any of these questions, you need to get this ebook. We'll show you the key digital metrics for your radio stations, good benchmarks for these metrics and how to optimize them.


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Webinar Recording - How to Analyze (and Grow!) Key Digital Metrics at Your Radio Stations


In this webinar, we show you the key digital metrics for radio, benchmarks for these metrics and how to optimize them.


We cover metrics for:



Social media

Mobile apps

Digital revenue 


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Webinar Recording - The Steps to Create Engaging Digital Content for Radio


In this webinar, we break down the process to create engaging digital content at your radio stations. See the recording to learn more about creating content for news and blogs, social media, contests, video and podcasting.


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Copy This! Examples of Engaging Digital Content You Can Copy for Your Radio Stations


Having excellent digital content is the key to connecting with your audience and driving digital engagement. In this whitepaper, we show you some examples of engaging digital content for radio and explain why it works to drive engagement.


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Cheat Sheet - How to Create Excellent Digital Content for Radio


In order to drive audience engagement online, you need to provide your listeners with excellent digital content. There are many things that you need to consider when posting digital content for your stations. That's why we created this cheat sheet - so that you can be sure that you are doing everything possible to drive maximum engagement through each type of digital media. Keep this reference guide on hand whenever you are posting digital content for your stations.


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Webinar Recording - The SoCast Radio Website Smackdown


In this webinar, our panel of digital experts does a live critique of real-life radio websites. See the recording to learn how you can improve your station's website.



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2017 Digital Trends in Radio Survey - Results & Analysis


In this whitepaper, we review the full results of our 2017 Digital Trends in Radio Survey. We break down the key insights from the survey data to help you grow digital revenue and engagement at your stations.


The biggest things that you can do at your stations to increase digital revenue and engagement

  • Provide your salespeople with the tools and training that they need to sell more digital revenue
  • Use software tools to maintain a consistent presences on your blogs and social media
  • Establish a strong organizational commitment to digital growth


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Vandalia Radio Customer Success Story


Vandalia Radio is part of The Cromwell Group and represents WKRV and WPMB, both based out of Vandalia, Illinois. Check out the three main ways that they used the SoCast platform to grow their digital revenue and engagement


After switching to SoCast, Vandalia Radio saw the following increase in metrics: 

  • +32% increase in page views
  • +63% lift in social referrals
  • 8x growth in digital revenue


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Digital Trends for Radio to Watch


As part of our 2017 Digital Trends in Radio survey, we asked broadcasters what they believe the biggest opportunities are to grow digital revenue and engagement. Check out what other broadcasters are doing to increase the power of their digital initiatives.



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Webinar recording - How to Accelerate Your Digital Growth: Ideas from Our 2017 Digital Trends in Radio Survey


In our 2017 Digital Trends in Radio Survey, we asked broadcasters how they are generating digital revenue, driving engagement and managing technology. See this webinar to find out what the most successful groups are doing in digital today and how you can replicate their success! 


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Managing Technology to Drive Digital Growth


As part of our 2017 Digital Trends in Radio survey, we asked leaders in the radio broadcast industry how they manage technology at their radio stations. Check out this infographic to see how the highest performing radio groups manage technology.



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July 2017 Webinar SoCast
Webinar recording - Digital 101: An Essential Checklist for Radio in the Digital Age


Digital is no longer just a value added component for radio broadcasters. See this webinar to learn what your radio stations need to do to ensure success in the digital age.


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620 CKRM Customer Success Story


620 CKRM is a radio station based out of Regina, Saskatchewan owned by Harvard Broadcasting. Check out this success story to learn how the station used SoCast's integrated platform to streamline its digital workflows and increase audience engagement.


After switching to SoCast, CKRM saw the following increase in metrics: 

  • +50% increase in website visits
  • +62% lift in online tune-ins
  • +71% growth in social referrals



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How to Increase Digital Engagement at Your Radio Stations


As part of our 2017 Digital Trends in Radio survey, we asked leaders in the radio broadcast industry how they are engaging with their audiences in digital today. Check out our infographic to learn how to increase your digital engagement


The key takeaways from our learnings:


  • The groups with the highest digital revenue are more active on their blogs and social media networks
  • They are also more likely to use software to manage and publish to social media
  • Promoting your content in social, online contests and on-air mentions are the biggest online traffic drivers for radio


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Increasing Digital Revenue at Your Radio Station


As part of our 2017 Digital Trends in Radio survey, we asked leaders in the radio broadcast industry how they are driving digital revenue today. Get the infographic to see how you can increase your digital revenues.


Some highlights from our survey results:


  • Nearly 3/4 of radio groups get less than 6% of their revenues from digital
  • Over half of radio groups have salespeople who focus on selling digital at their station
  • 49% expect their digital revenues to grow more than 10% in the next year


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UP! 99.3 Customer Success Story


UP! 99.3 is a Jim Pattison Broadcast Group based in Edmonton, Alberta. Prior to working with SoCast, UP! had a website that did not properly capture its brand and did not have strong audience engagement. After rebuilding their website on the SoCast platfrom, the team at UP! saw the following results:


  • 60% increase in website visits
  • 23% lift in player tune-ins
  • 174% growth in mobile sessions


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2017 Digital Fitness Test 


Digital is a growing priority for radio broadcasters. By using an integrated Website, Mobile App and Social Media management tool, radio brands are able to increase engagement and connect with their audiences in new ways. Doing so will give broadcasters significant opportunities to grow their digital revenue.


Download this Infographic to assess your radio brand's fitness in digital.


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rules for radio in digital era ebook
Rules for Radio in the Digital Era eBook


The digital era is driving massive opportunities for audience engagement, revenue generation and brand impact. At SoCast, we work with major broadcast groups every day and are often asked to help navigate the regulatory waters of the digital era. It can be tricky to stay above-board, so we have assembled some ‘rules for Radio’.


There are a few areas that present a major challenge in the digital era:

  • Photos and Licensing
  • Email and Privacy
  • Push Notifications


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The Mobile Apps for Radio White Paper


More Radio groups are investing in Mobile Apps because they want to give their audience more quality time with their content. The attention of consumers is literally in the palm of their hand.


A Mobile App can:

  • Build Brand Recognition
  • Drive Listener Engagement
  • Grow Listener Loyalty
  • Generate Digital Revenue


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2017 digital checklist-1.png
The 2017 Digital Checklist


The Digital Era is changing Radio. Are you ready?


To help you assess your digital planning and whether you have the necessary elements for success, we have created the 2017 Digital Checklist.


The checklist covers all 4 key areas of a strong Digital Strategy:


  • Platform
  • People
  • Policy
  • Process


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Digital trends for radio 2016 real.jpg
Radio Trends You Need to Know from 2016


Radio is entering an exciting new era, and SoCast has identified 3 key trends in digital that radio should be acting on now:


  • Digital Platforms
  • Cross-channel Advertising
  • Content Accessibility


Digital technology is positioned to make radio one of the most powerful content and monetization channels in media. Download this free eBook to see how these key digital trends from 2016 will impact the radio industry.


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digital revenue toolkit for radio.jpg
Building a Digital Revenue Toolkit for Radio


Advertisers are no longer spending in online vs offline silos. Radio must stop thinking about digital vs traditional advertising but rather treat them as an integrated unit. 


In this White Paper we touch on:


  • How to grow digital revenue for Radio
  • Radio trends 2016
  • Creating a digital strategy for Radio


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Why Your Radio Station Needs a Mobile App


More Radio groups whether they are a single station or cluster, are investing in Mobile Apps for Radio because they understand that the attention of consumers is literally in the palm of their hand. 


A Powerful App for Radio:


  • Builds Brand Recognition
  • Drives Listener Engagement
  • Generates Digital Revenue


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How to Monetize On-Air Content through the Web & Social


Today, Radio has an incredible opportunity to extend the reach, shelf life, and value of on-air content by taking advantage of new technology.


In this White Paper we touch on:


  • Re-packaging on-air content for online publishing
  • Using social media to extend content reach & site traffic
  • Being creative with digital ad inventories for Radio brands


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Cromwell Case Study With People on Computer.jpg
SoCast Case Study: The Cromwell Group


How a Tennessee based Radio group partnered with SoCast and experienced exceptional increases in engagement and website traffic.

Results from this learning:


  • +74% Page Views
  • +51% Social Refferals
  • +156% Mobile Sessions


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Digital Checklist for Radio


The Digital Era is here to stay. Thus, the future belongs to those radio brands who are switched on for digital. Your success depends on whether you are prepared with a strategy and tool kit to thrive in this space.


To help you and your team assess whether you have all of the components you need to prosper, we have put together a checklist to help you identify your digital gaps and formulate a strategy to drive your radio brand’s digital success in the future.


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6 Social media Myths Debunked
6 Social Media Myths Debunked


A visual ebook on the six most popular myths and truths, that Radio brands encounter with Social Media.


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