Welcome to the SoCast Lounge, our new monthly live webinar dedicated to education from industry thought leaders and subject matter experts.

This month we have three sessions scheduled in the Lounge for Wednesday, November 10th.  


SEM, Keys To Driving Results and Best Practices


This webinar features guest speaker Ryan Bishop, SoCast’s search SME.

During this one-hour session we will discuss how to set up, monitor, and ultimately drive conversions. Ryan has managed over $10M in search campaigns during his 6-years in this space so whether you manage your business campaigns, outsource them or want to learn how to get into this space, this session will be valuable.

So…You Wanna Get Into Podcasting?


Hosted by Matt Cundill from SoundOff Podcast and Jon Gay from The Jag Show Podcast.

One of the biggest questions we get at SoCast is about Podcasting. Talent wants to know how to get started. Broadcasters want to know how to monetize. Advertisers want to understand the targeting abilities, pricing, and the process around building branded content.

SoCast Open House


Lead by our Managing Director of Revenue & Marketing, Victor Giacomelli.

Victor will take his 28-years of Radio Management and Leadership experience and provide some best practices to grow in the digital space. Regardless of your market size, you will gain insights and positive first steps to accelerate your potential. Joining him will be Tomas Pankovcin, SoCast Digital Strategist, as we unveil our new proposal tool for SoCast Partners.