SoCast Brings Landline Texting to Radio Stations with Zipwhip

SEATTLE, June 14th, 2017 Zipwhip and SoCast have launched a new partnership to bring texting to radio stations. The integration of their platforms provides professionals with a robust SMS solution to send and receive texts to-and-from their existing studio line number. Texting increases listener engagement and creates new opportunities for ad revenue.


Over 90 percent of American adults text, making it the most common cell phone activity. Zipwhip text-enables businesses’ existing number so they can communicate with listeners on personal phones. Radio stations all over the country are abandoning short codes in favor of texting. Unlike short codes, texts come from a real 10-digit phone number, and invite listeners to engage in real, human conversations. By integrating Zipwhip, SoCast allows fans to text comments and questions, enter to win tickets, and send photos – all without having to call in!


This partnership furthers SoCast’s goal of providing radio broadcasters robust, yet simple tools that allow them to grow their listener base and expand beyond traditional broadcast channels. The integration underscores widespread adoption of texting in the radio industry, with titans like CBS Radio and Alpha Media adopting texting to connect with fans. As radio continues to transform in the digital age, landline and toll free texting proves to not only increase listener engagement, but also provide new opportunities for ad revenue.


“Zipwhip provides our radio stations with a best-in-class partner, joining the already robust SoCast platform. No audience engagement solutions is complete without the ability to text your audience. As listeners continue to shift towards mobile for radio, their expectation is to reach their favourite stations via the same device easily and seamlessly, for requests, contests, feedback and more. Adding text to SoCast’s toolset of social, email and in-app messaging managed from one dashboard leaves no stone unturned.

  • Elliot Hurst, CEO of SoCast


About Zipwhip


A Seattle-based SaaS company, Zipwhip is modernizing the texting medium by adding text messaging to existing landline, VoIP, and toll free phone numbers. We pair direct network connectivity with easy out-of-the-box software, so businesses of any size can give customers the choice to “text or call” and handle two-way text conversations at scale. 


About SoCast


SoCast provides radio broadcasters with an easy way to transform their business in the digital age. We do this by providing a user-friendly, integrated suite of products, best-in-class coaching support and innovative approaches to drive revenue growth. Please visit for more information.


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