Radioplayer Canada Boosted by Major Canadian Operators on the SoCast Player

TORONTO, May 17th, 2017 - SoCast has long been focused on innovation and supporting radio's evolution in the digital age.  When SoCast’s Canadian radio partners came to them with the challenge of getting the most from their streaming player while also being able to capitalize on the Radioplayer’s launch in Canada, they delivered.


SoCast worked with existing partners and developed a unique and innovative Player solution.  The SoCast Player offers a socially optimized, content rich, revenue generating streaming Player that also effectively integrates the new Radioplayer.  SoCast’s new player solution doubles as a tool for radio brands to engage their audiences and grow revenue while ensuring they comply with and capitalize on the Radioplayer experience.


SoCast’s Radioplayer integration has made it easy for some of Canada’s premier radio broadcasters including the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, Corus Entertainment and Newcap Radio, to extend their reach to radio fans across the country and optimize their participation with Radioplayer Canada without losing the benefits offered by SoCast’s Player solution.


“By integrating the Radioplayer on our platform, SoCast is delivering an amazing online player solution that provides our partners a unique opportunity to drive revenue and increase audience engagement, all while working towards the Radioplayer vision of bringing Canadian Radio together digitally.”


  • Elliott Hurst, CEO of SoCast.


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