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Strategies to Grow & Capitalize on Listener Data

Learn about the benefits of having strong, first-party listener data, how to measure and analyze it, and review strategies to use the data to grow revenue.

Session Two: Ask The Experts

Our panel of digital experts are back answering more questions to help you maximize digital content for audience engagement and drive digital revenue growth.

Ask the Experts

We have assembled a group of radio industry leaders to answer your questions to help accelerate your station’s digital growth.

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Has your digital revenue transformation stalled? As some media company see record growth driven by digital revenue, others are still trying to overcome the hurdles associated with becoming a true consultant to your clients. Join SoCast's Jon Stewart and Robbin Reay Denham as we dive into what's working (there's a lot),...
15h ago
This week's update to SoCast Reach now includes the ability to break down the entire campaign into monthly increments, as well as making it printable! Insertion Orders (IOs) help marry the campaign to your billing system, making it easier to understand the campaign goals and confirm the budget for the campaign. Previo...
16h ago
In keeping with our mantra of making digital growth easy, we offer a few US Election elements to easily incorporate into your websites or apps and promote the upcoming elections. All election widgets are powered by vote.org.
17h ago Element5 Digital / Unsplash
SoCast is proud to share that we have recently upgraded our audio commenting feature. Our new design includes a larger 'record' button to make it easier for app and website visitors to submit an audio message.
Sep 20, 2022
Creating engaging promotions and having the ability to quickly publish them to your website and app, while being able to pull data, will have your advertisers excited and coming back again and again. SoCast's contesting system provides a wide range of customization options for you to meet all your various contest goals...
Sep 12, 2022

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