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SoCast's all-in-one dashboard is not only easy to use, but it saves you money as your stations no longer need to manage, pay for, or train staff on multiple solutions. Browse our features below to learn how SoCast can help your stations grow, generate more revenue and engage with your audience!













Radio was the original social media network. We connected ourselves to the listeners, to our community and to our advertisers' businesses. Today's tools require you to be able to send the right message, to the right user, on the right platform - all in real-time. And, you need it to be super simple for your on-air talent to use.

  • Real-time influencer identification, demographic information and interests
  • Subject-based trends and sentiment analysis
  • Locate conversations that matter ,and participate with your audience in real-time
  • Manage all your social and digital properties from one dashboard


Mobile isn't just about having a website that "works" on one or two devices anymore. With all the form factors and phone manufacturers, your website has to provide a great experience at any resolution and make listening as simple as possible.

  • Automatically size your site for any screen type
  • Provide listeners with a high quality live stream and easy to browse playlists
  • All your pages and promotions work on any platform (including Facebook mobile) no matter what device your listeners are using
  • Mobile tools allow station managers to create, edit and view analytics on-the-go

Website Management

You deserve a website management suite and content management system (CMS) that is built from the ground up just for radio. You shouldn’t have to buy, install and manage dozens of widgets and tools just to get your stream, playlists, content and promotions working. In short, you deserve a simple, radio-CMS that works with your station, and provides staff members with easy-to-use and specialized tools to make their jobs easier.

  • Keep your homepage constantly updated by pulling in all your existing digital and social content automatically
  • SEO optimization built in, so you never need to worry you're missing out on free traffic
  • An open platform that puts you in control of style, design, ads and customization, all at no added cost
  • A secure, cloud-based platform without limits or costs for features, pages, widgets or traffic


Broadcasters know that promotions are the lifeblood of any station, but managing them can sometimes be a burden. You need a simple tool that lets you create promotions quickly, publish them to your website, mobile and Facebook and pull the data together in a way that makes your advertisers excited and coming back. 

  • Seamlessly publish all your contests and promotions to all your digital platforms
  • Track your promotions' progress live, promoting it intelligently to the right people
  • Design contests in minutes by dragging and dropping elements, widgets and features
  • Easily produce post-promotion reports for your clients and managers and assess campaign successes.


Because SoCast is one platform, and all your data and member information flows into one place, your email system has to be robust, customized and personalized to your audience.

  • Send emails based on triggers or conditions, simply and automatically
  • Create campaigns that are so targeted your advertisers will get instantaneous value
  • Superserve your P1's with customized campaigns tailored just for them
  • Automate emails to your contest winners, and even retarget them for future promotions

Data & Analytics

Wouldn't it be great if you had access to real-time analytics that really pulled together every single one of your digital platforms? So you knew who your actual audience was, what they were interested in, which promotions they had entered and how they were engaging with your station’s brand?

  • All your valuable data, in one analytics dashboard
  • Real-time social monitoring and analytics
  • Use live data to target future emails and promotions, and deliver extra value to advertisers
  • Understanding your target audience so you can create the perfect content

Pricing starting as low as $100 per month...

With SoCast, you can mix and match modules, support, and customizations to fit your station or group's specific needs and budget. To get a customized quote, call us or schedule a demo below:

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