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SoCast's SMS tool is a way for your station to develop greater brand loyalty and provide a fast and easy way for your audience to interact with your brand and personalities anywhere. Bonus! It's all responsive, meaning both your audience and staff can engage via their mobile devices from anywhere.
Jan 24, 2023 Jenny Ueberberg / Unsplash
SoCast believes that radio can play a pivotal role in engaging their local communities during emergency weather situations. By using the tools and suggestions below, radio can strengthen their bond and provide their audiences with real-time, accurate information in ways that other traditional and pure-play digital medi...
Jan 11, 2023
Every year, the team at SoCast has hosted a secret gift exchange to celebrate the holidays internally. During the pandemic and the continued economic downturn, we wanted to help positively impact the charities and organizations that need us most, so we decided to turn our secret gift exchange into a way for us to give ...
Dec 14, 2022
Local listings are a great tool for generating local traffic and community engagement on your website. SoCast's Local Listings tool can be used in a variety of ways, including for Buy & Sell, Real Estate, Auto Listings, Community News, Announcements, Business Directories, Storm Closures etc. You can even use the to...
Nov 11, 2022
Currently rolling out to over 300 radio stations across North America, the new android app includes the latest technology and updated features.
Nov 03, 2022
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