Why Social Media is crucial for your Radio brands

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May 26, 2015 10:10:00 AM

Wasn’t Radio the first Social Network?

Deep inside radio’s DNA stems an epic track record of two-way conversations, compelling storytelling, and crowd sourcing. So, social media has to matter for radio, because it’s simply an extension of itself into the digital world. As most radio brands have already discovered that social brings ROI to their station, today we’ll look at why.  Here are the top four reasons why social media and radio are such a dynamic duo:

It’s Local

Local radio attracts local listeners (obviously), and for this reason, radio helps bridge the gap between people, local businesses, and issues regarding the community. By catering to a highly targeted region, radio is immersed in the surroundings of the people it serves. By extending its roots into social media, and by talking to the right people at the right time, radio has access to a set of tools that grows awareness and ratings, and connects with the people that matter most.

Highlights Your On-Air Personalities

In the 90’s, people didn’t go to a Bulls game to watch basketball; they went to see Michael Jordan. It’s a fact that on-air personalities gain more exposure for a radio station, then the station itself. Personalities are actually one of radio’s unique benefits. People aren’t always connecting to a specific brand, but instead tune in to hosts, morning shows, or DJ’s. Listeners like connecting with someone familiar, somebody that they can relate to and sign off as a friend. Social media extends the on-air conversation further by bringing it back to life online, and vice versa. By highlighting radio personalities and allowing them to incorporate their individuality into social media content, listeners create personal attachments that strengthen brand loyalty with the station. Plus it’s fun!

Locates Influencers / Brand Advocates

Diehard fans will stand by your brand no matter what, and that’s awesome. That’s why social media is integral in locating influencers and brand advocates for radio stations. After all these people are the ones that ultimately pay the bills and participate in your promotions. By actively being present on social, radio brands can find and serve their best fans, encouraging them to stay involved with the brand and even reach out to them for feedback to grow the listener’s experience. By listening, engaging, starting conversations and asking questions, your station can develop relationships with listeners that were never possible on terrestrial radio, simply due to convenience and the amount of time people spend on social networks.

Adds Value to Promotions and Advertising

There’s a lot of opportunity to generate revenue on social networks, and integrated advertising campaigns have been crucial for local radio stations to make money. The channels now available by social media provide access to the opinions and values of the people who listen to your station and consume your content in real-time. This provides additional value to contesting and promotions by increasing engagement on upcoming events and product releases. It also helps build brand awareness, accumulates insights into consumer perceptions, and builds credibility for the station. Social also extends a station’s advertising inventory, creating multiple ways to further make profits.

Social media has become essential in delivering quality content while creating relationships with listeners.  In a time where digital radio is thriving and on demand stations are creating customized listening experiences, radio has no choice but to invest in a medium that extends its offering from the air and into the digital space.

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