Why Advertisers Love Mobile Apps for Radio

Posted by Kat Harlton

May 31, 2016 2:18:47 PM


By investing in a Mobile App for your Radio station, you have access to the most valuable ad inventories in the digital marketplace. The problem with so many content based apps, is that they can never produce enough content for the user to consume, which spurs app burnout. Radio, which has content embedded in their DNA, doesn’t see this problem, which leaves listeners coming back to the app while growing impressions that entice advertisers to return.

So what types of capabilities do advertisers want to see from your Radio station's mobile app?


The most efficient way for Radio brands to generate revenue through a mobile app is sponsorship. Sponsored Radio apps allow advertisers to become partners with your Radio brand. In return your Radio brand will provide advertising inventory in the app that will reach the advertisers demographics. It also allows potential customers to be reached wherever they are instead of having to wait until they log on to their computer or jump in their car.

Sponsorship opportunities and packages can include splash ads, promoted posts, and contests. Splash ads are some of the finest sponsorships as they appear instantly when the app is opened, can be changed often and guarantees that the user will see it. These ads work best in conjunction with other sponsored content such as: contests, events, shows, special guests etc.

Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are native to the SoCast App and are embedded in social media streams (similar to a promoted Tweet or Facebook post). These ads allow for mass outreach at a low cost, and increased brand recognition. They are frequent, easy to set-up and can coincide with the app's splash ad, and other content pieces.


In-app contests allow advertisers to sponsor contests that are specific to the app's target listener. Advertisers can also sponsor app navigation and menu items. This approach works great when paired with other advertising inventories, or as part of a larger package deal, adding additional value. Contests can be posted via social media and then included in the app feed, or be completely exclusive to the app in which case listeners are prompted to download the app before they enter.

Pre-Roll Ads

Mobile apps for Radio also have access to the highest paying pre-roll adverts which include both video and audio formats. These can be placed before listeners listen to your stream, when the app loads, or throughout the navigation of the app. In today's digital landscape, mobile video holds more attention, and video pre-rolls provide additional opportunities for real-time engagement and action. Since the quality of these videos are very strong on mobile, completion rates and viewability is high.

In short, Radio brands investing into digital cannot overlook a mobile app for their station. Apps offer the most value for advertisers which ensures your Radio brand is getting ROI for your investment in digital.

Want to learn more about mobile apps for your Radio station? Read our white paper on why your station needs a mobile app for Radio, today.

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