What Radio Brands should focus on in 2015

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Mar 3, 2015 2:49:00 PM

What radio brands should focus on in 2015With the digital planet becoming overpopulated with complex tools, strategies, and tactics for radio brands in 2015, it’s becoming increasingly harder not to overwhelm and demotivate your staff while trying to find the right tools to engage your listeners.

It’s time to get back to the basics and ensure your station’s foundation is solid before it introduces more intricate digital options.

Before you even consider upgrading to new or more advanced tools, there are 3 foundational elements that must be in order to succeed in 2015…

(And yes, you’ve heard them all before)

Focused Approach to Social

In 2014, we saw brands scrambling to connect with as many social networks as possible under the impression that more platforms equal more eyes and ears. While this technique allowed brands to experiment with several social networks and reach as many potential audience members as possible, this quickly becomes cumbersome, costly, and time sensitive (intensive). Unless you have an unlimited (huge) team with unlimited resources, it’s just not possible or practical to maintain a consistent and effective presence on more than two or three social networks at once.

This year it’s all about being on the RIGHT network. If you’re not sure which one that is, the rule is to start with the BIGGEST. Avoid platforms you don’t understand natively, or don’t speak the language or fit the culture of your main audience demographic. This seems like an obvious suggestion, but somehow it’s one of the most overlooked practices by radio brands. You need to figure out what’s right for your station based on whom you’re trying to reach.

Awesome Content

Quality content is a very broad term that gets thrown around a lot, so let’s clarify. Whether it’s an image, blog, meme, video, or a simple text post, quality content should be unique and personal to your brand, reflect what your audience cares about. It should be created with care and precision. The last part is doubly important because great content can lose a lot of its impact with poor design. Your job as a radio brand is to know enough about your audience to identify the content they care about, and then package it in a way that reaches them both digitally and emotionally.

Be creative, have fun, and bring your A-game. Remember: your station’s passion is directly conveyed through its content, and listeners can see it.


Mobile is no longer a point of debate - your brand must be mobile. PCs are being abandoned in droves in favour of smartphones and tablets, so your website should already be responsive on all devices and your social media content formatted to be visually appealing on those devices. No excuses.

If you’re sending me to your website, where you want me to engage with you and bring value to your sponsors, I better be able to do so on my phone without losing my eyesight (or mind).

(To see some great stats on radio trends 2015 check out this infographic)

Also, mobile isn’t just about having a website that “works” on one or two devices anymore. With all of the form factors and phone manufacturers, your website needs to provide a great experience at all resolutions and have simplified navigation and listening options. You worked hard to create a two-way conversation online, now your have to make sure that conversation can be translated and continued in mobile.


When mapping out your social strategy for the year, ask yourself these three questions:

1)      Am I on the right platform? Is this where my listeners spend their time?

2)      Is my content strong and consistent to my brand? Will it stand out and be shared?

3)      Is our digital strategy optimized for mobile? Will people enjoy our content on their phones?

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