Radio Isn’t Dying, It’s Just Evolving - A Millennial’s Point of View

Posted by Hussein Hamir

Jan 30, 2020 1:24:17 PM


Hey radio world, my name is Hussein and I recently graduated with a B. Comm last November. I also just started my career with my first post-graduate position as a digital specialist here at SoCast. I am also a millennial. 

Starting here at SoCast, I learned right off the bat how our content management systems help radio stations around the world. Our mission is to make digital growth as easy as possible by making it easy for broadcasters to engage their audience through various digital tools and to turn this engagement into digital revenue. Now of course you must think to yourself, “Hussein you’re a millennial, you don’t listen to radio, don’t you just listen to Spotify or Apple Music or whatever pure play is today”?


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Topics: How-To's, Digital Strategy for Radio, Digital Dollars, New Year, Youth, Millennial

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