The Value of a Social Media Dashboard for Radio

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Feb 26, 2015 9:10:00 AM

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The majority of people spend their time on social media, and not listening to your station. That’s the bottom line. Sadly, radio brands that have not taken digital media and social media seriously have already folded, or are on their way out. And those that have identified social media as an asset to their station know that there are numerous social networks that need to be managed and monitored to establish and retain valuable relationships with their listeners.

For this reason, single dashboard platforms are time-saving and cost-effective investments that help track your entire social and digital efforts. Here are the seven ways how a single social media dashboard for radio can bring value to your station:

1)      Monitors your Digital assets

The great thing about a single dashboard is you can track far more than just social media. Dashboards are essential to managing you website, blog, listener clubs, promotions, and any other digital assets your station holds. By monitoring your entire digital footprint in one place, you can gauge the overall impact your radio brand is having with its listeners, and tailor it accordingly.

2)      Enhances Productivity

Time is your station’s most valuable asset. Dashboards are an absolute time saver for your staff members. By utilizing a single dashboard, you can have less people manage your social presence (and save money) and even allocate these duties to on-air talent that is closely connected with your listeners. This will help yours station be more productive and allocate time and resources on more pressing matters.

3)      Real-time tracking

Radio is a live medium that thrives on real-time engagement. Dashboards are a great way to monitor trends, conversations, keywords and topics in real-time. Not to mention searching what people are saying about your radio brand and how they’re engaging with your content. By having all your networks tied into one place you can detect listener sentiments, and assess the quality of your brands interactions.

4)      Scheduled Posts

Some stations are posting content several times a day, making it a time consuming process. Scheduling posts are one of dashboards great features, as users can create pre-scheduled posts for an unlimited time-frame and across all channels. This is great for upcoming contests, promotions and events that your station has created for later dates that can be automatically posted on the required dates.

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5)      Locates Brand Advocates

With dashboards being able to track your listener conversations, radio brands can also spot their P1’s; their most loyal listeners who vouch for the brand. This holds tremendous value for your station as identifying and engaging these listeners grows brand awareness, promotes word-of-mouth- and increases your social media reach. Locating these influential listeners adds to your station's marketing strategy and promotes an increased lifetime value to your brand.

6)      Manages Listener clubs

Listener clubs are phenomenal ways to engage with your VIP listeners. Your station rewards these people by offering them exclusive content through trivia, games and access to events, prizes and awards. Dashboards make it easy to manage all these members by categorizing lists, sending emails, and providing important data for your station so you can tailor customized experiences and promotions to your best fans.

7)      Data, Analytics, and Reporting

In the end, it’s the numbers that matter. You’re always going to have to convince upper management that your social media efforts have been paying off and translating into higher ratings, increased digital tune-ins, and revenue growth for the station. Social media dashboards for radio are increasingly becoming valuable for their deep analytics and measurement of campaigns and promotions. This is the data that drives advertising dollars for your station and ultimately keep it afloat. By providing insights on social media engagement and reach, radio brands can improve on their content and modify it to create better interactions with their listeners. Stations can also track where traffic is coming from so they can focus their efforts in the right place and on the right platform. By creating detailed reports, brands can visualize the progress a station has been making from its digital assets.

While it takes more than just a single dashboard to conquer your stations digital presence, it undoubtedly helps organize and manage all your outputs and create a further understanding of your core listeners. 

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