The Top 3 Things Every Radio Station Needs To Do On #Facebook

Posted by Vanessa

Mar 7, 2013 7:13:14 AM

Written By: Kat Harlton

Facebook still remains the #1 social site in the world, having recently pasted the 1 billion users mark. It's true that Facebook can get irritating with all the ads and spam, but it can also be the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to help market your brand.

Here are the 'Top 3 Things Every Radio Station Needs To Do On Facebook':

Tip #1

Be in the moment! Share Sneak Peeks and Behind the Scenes

Everybody wants to feel special, to have access, to see, do, or hear something that others haven’t yet. This is why sneak peeks and behind the scenes sharing works, especially on Facebook where social is immediate and in the moment.

In this example Kiss 92.5’s Roz & Mocha shared a photo of them with Community’s Alison Brie & Danny Pudi when they stopped into the studio to chat about season 4 of the hit show.


Tip # 2

Talk about what your audience is talking about.

The best way to build a social relationship with your fans on Facebook (while overall improving your ratings and ad revenue) is to listen to what they’re talking about. Radio has always been about relevancy, what’s relevant to them? Not everyone gets to hang out with musicians or go to VIP events. What’s important to them? What affects their everyday lives?

In this example, Q107 shared a photo of The Rolling Stones playing a small Toronto venue before they were famous. What’s great about the photo is, it reached more than one kind of audience member.

This photo captured the attention of:

  • People who love The Rolling Stones and classic rock (Q107’s main demographic)
  • Indie bands, musicians and music lovers who play/hang out at The El Mocambo regularly.
  • People interested in Toronto history, events and cool/fun facts.

Tip # 3

Never Forget The Music.

You are, first and foremost a radio station. Your audience listens to you for the music, for updates on the musicians, for tour announcements, contests, tickets, Facebook promotions and gossip.Your particular genre, what’s playing and how your audience can interact with it should always be your main focus.

In this example, 91.5 The Beat shared a photo to remind fans to ‘listen for a cue to call’ for a chance to qualify for a pair of PiNK tickets to see her show and a $200 gift card for her merch stand.


Remember, it's all about giving your audience a reason to continually come back to your Facebook page. Engage, share, interact, make them feel important- and never forget about the music!



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