The Power of Social Media: What Can it Do for Your Station?

Posted by Paul Miedzik

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Sep 10, 2014 3:09:00 PM

3Your Listeners spend all their time on Social. So why wouldn’t you?

It seems a number of broadcasters are still reluctant to invest in social media because they don’t understand how it can benefit their station. There is a plethora of articles, infographics, published reports, and studies with deep analytics showcasing how taking a leap into social can positively impact your brand. But putting all data aside, the most monumental yet somehow overlooked rationale to adopting social media is that it connects you with your listeners in the place they spend most of their time in. So why wouldn’t you be in that place as well? Remember that old saying; Fish where the fish are?

Once you’ve established a digital presence with your listeners, your station has access to powerful consumer insights only available through social media. This creates a great source of marketing intelligence for your radio brand by:

  •          Discovering shifts in listener trends and sentiments
  •          Tracking your brands reputation and relevancy
  •          Providing data and analytics that can influence programming and on-air content
  •          Recognising which ads, promotions, and contests are working best

This intel is exclusively collected by monitoring social media activity, engaging with listeners, and spending time learning about listeners attitudes toward your content. So, how does this intelligence benefit your station?

  •          It offers an additional medium of communication
  •          Helps understand the psychology of your listeners
  •          Offers new targeted revenue streams and calls-to-action
  •          Provides a real-time source of customer feedback

Listeners now expect brands to extend their offerings into social media, so they can connect in formats that they are most comfortable with. By meeting them on these networks the benefits for your station are endless, but it’s up to your brand to make the decision to start. If your station is ready to invest time and effort to provide listeners with content that strengthens bonds with your brand, then expect your ratings, sales, and popularity to rise.

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