The Game Nashville - Using Complementary Digital Activities to Drive Radio Audience Engagement

Posted by Symon Edmonds

Jun 15, 2017 10:31:38 AM

As a Canadian company, we love our hockey. As it so happens, Nashville, Tennessee is also a strong hockey market. With the NHL’s Nashville Predators in the Stanley Cup final, there was a lot of excitement (the Predators have since been defeated in the finals, unfortunately). Today, we’re taking a look at how The Game Nashville did a fantastic job of capitalizing on the cup finals to see an incredible 19x spike in web sessionsgreat season nashville.png


The station did a great job of using complementary digital activities to produce great content and get it in front of as many people as possible to increase its radio audience engagement. Here are some examples of some tactics that The Game Nashville utilized in order to capitalize on its hockey team’s success, with lessons that you can apply at your radio stations. Big events always provide an exciting opportunity to increase engagement with your audience.


Producing excellent written content


Following a heroic 5-1 victory over Pittsburgh in Game 3, The Game Nashville published this article, which accumulated an astounding 90,000 unique pageviews the day it was launched.


The reason that this particular article did so well is that it gained a lot of traction and exposure on Twitter. People were absolutely enamored with the pre-game spectacle in Nashville, featuring a huge crowd of fans in the streets and an Alan Jackson concert. This particular article received 56 re-tweets and was covered by top sports writers across the country.


The point is that if you produce great content, people will share it. Making great content that people want to share will enable you to leverage their audiences. This means more eyeballs for your content, which means more impressions, which means that you can charge advertisers more for your digital inventory.


Engaging their audience with video and contests


The team at The Game Nashville also utilized video to drive audience engagement. Check out this video, where the station announced the winners of their #rockthegoldatwork contest to win free tickets to the game.



For tips on how to create great videos at your station, see this article here.


As a side note, the hashtag created for this contest also generated a ton of engagement from The Game’s audience uploading photos of themselves wearing their Nashville Predators jerseys at work and tagging The Game’s Twitter account.


Utilizing podcasts to deliver more relevant content


As a sports station, The Game Nashville, is focused on delivering great content around their local sports teams. By consistently creating relevant content, they became the go-to source for this information in Nashville.


Audio on demand was no exception. The station produced multiple podcasts per day during the Stanley Cup playoffs, featuring content such as post-game analysis as well as interviews with players and nationally renowned sports commentators. These podcasts generated thousands of downloads over the course of the Predators’ playoff run.


See an example of the station’s “Preds Playoffs Today” podcast below:


Sending push notifications for scores and post-game shows


To complement their great content, The Game Nashville used push notifications to notify their user base about game scores and podcasts. This allowed the station to connect with their audience in real-time and receive more exposure on their content.


The station also utilized appointment listening, where the listener signs up to receive a push notification when a specific stream was about to come on. This was particularly useful for The Game’s podcasts and encouraged more people to tune-in.


Using social to amplify their reach


By utilizing a strong social cadence and promoting all of their content via social, The Game Nashville was able to amplify the reach of their content. Regularly tweeting content relevant to the Predators such as videos, gifs, images, game scores and podcasts allowed the station to increase engagement with their audience and capitalize on the excitement around the series.


twitter image gamenashville.png


As a result of these efforts, The Game Nashville saw a significant lift in digital engagement during the Predators’ playoff run. The lesson to take here is to strike while the iron is hot and build excitement around events that are relevant to your audience. Also, using complementary digital efforts (i.e. - promoting your podcasts via social and mobile push notifications) will increase your reach. Done right, your station will see a significant lift in digital engagement, as this case in point proves possible. The opportunity is huge and really, it’s all about putting together the pieces the right way so that you can drive growth.


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