Social Media Tools that Help Radio Brands Grow

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May 19, 2015 10:07:00 AM

Social Media Tools that help radio brands growCongratulations! Your station or cluster has made the decision to invest in social and are now actively reaching out to your online community. At this point you have determined which platforms are essential for reaching your listeners and have created and coordinated your profiles. But to make the most of your new social efforts you’re going to need a solid plan of attack and a set of tools that will make your brand(s) stand out.


To keep up with your listeners, engage in conversations, and be notified about interactions, your radio brand has most likely already made the choice to acquire a social monitoring dashboard. In the end, to maintain a strong social presence, you need to organize all your social assets in one place to easily manage your station’s content, and monitoring dashboards make that very simple.

But what social media tools will help you gain an advantage on engaging listeners? Here are three must-have features that give radio brands an edge in the social space:

Sentiment Analysis

Core ValueWHAT to talk about

Monitoring engagement is the key to learning about your listeners, but by having a tool that demonstrates the emotion behind a tweet, status update, or post will give you a deeper insight into how your fans are reacting to your content or trends on social media. Sentiment will gauge what type of subjects your content should focus on based on user interactions. It can also influence the way you schedule your daily programs, provide insights towards on-air personalities, and gather opinions on current or upcoming contests. Sentiment can also document added insights on the overall reputation of your brand and its assets.

Live Influencer Identification

Core ValueWHO to talk to

Your station’s P1’s stand by your radio brand, and share your content with their closest circles. With an influencer identification system, you can locate your most valuable brand advocates and reward them accordingly. Validating these fans for their engagement and support will increase your relationship with your most loyal listeners. In addition, a tool like this can help you identify people with a large social following outside your industry, who have an established public trust and could potentially vouch for your station if engaged properly. Spotting influencers is crucial in growing your digital reach and up-scaling your marketing tactics through list building, community management, and creating effective promotions.

Social Following & Social Sharing Buttons

Core Value: INCREASE brand awareness and content reach

Social sharing and following buttons are a phenomenal way to share all your great content, promotions, and grow your social media presence. It also adds another channel of measuring your social value. Social following buttons help your brand grow their social presence by generating fans and followers on relevant networks. By placing these buttons in strategic places such as your website homepage or blog page, brands can grow their audience and expand their station’s network.

Social sharing buttons are beneficial in increasing the viewership of your content, by having it reach new audiences through your fans’ networks. By including these button on landing pages, emails, station promotions and contests, or any piece of content you find valuable to share, your radio brand can maximize their content’s reach. A great rule to follow is that social following buttons should be placed everywhere, while social sharing buttons should be placed where there is value for consumers.

These tools will help you find what to talk about, who to talk to and where to share you content. By incorporating these three features to your existing social media strategy, your station will save time for itself and its team members, and in turn provide valuable content for your audience and data for advertisers.

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