Release: SoCast SRM launches Social Monitoring to compliment its revolutionary Universal Media Player

Posted by Vanessa

Sep 21, 2012 10:17:29 AM

JULY 23, 2012

SoCast SRM, the preferred Social Relationship Management platform of media conglomerates Corus Entertainment and Astral Media and home of the patent-pending socially-enabled universal radio player, has announced the launch of its latest addition, Social Monitoring.

Social Monitoring screen shot

SoCast CEO, Elliott Hurst, describes the new addition:

SoCast SRM has taken social monitoring to an entirely new level. In addition to our existing song sync functionality, which allows radio stations to schedule social posts in sync with on-air broadcasts, we’ve now added a real-time social monitoring system that allows community managers to track conversations relating to the radio station.”

Social Monitoring greatly compliments the existing dashboard by allowing users to monitor multiple social streams, pull content from RSS feeds, and interact with fans in addition to publishing content. Combined with SoCast’s analytics system, which tracks hours tuned through a universal radio player that can be embedded into social media streams, this latest upgrade provides community managers in the entertainment industry with a one-stop solution for social engagement.

Social Monitoring is the second of several phases SoCast is releasing in 2012 as a part of their total digital marketing solution for entertainment. The Toronto-based company is heavily invested in R&D, supports CRTC initiatives, and was recently featured by renowned radio consultant, Mark Ramsey, on his influential blog. To read what Mark has to say and get a sneak preview of the software, click the following link:

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