SoCast Releases Industry-Leading Social Monitoring Tool: SmartStreams

Posted by Kat Harlton

Jun 19, 2014 5:46:00 AM

Recently, SoCast released “Smart Streams”, a powerful new addition to the already successful digital marketing platform for broadcasters. This feature allows stations to pull up live analytics from social networks so broadcasters can assess engagement in real time, easily publish useful content, and save time for employees, by giving them the tools needed to understand their live audience. 

While most social monitoring tools provide insights on previous engagement and content, SoCast provides live data so stations can tailor their engagement and content efforts accordingly, making brands more relevant and focused on their core listeners.

Smart Streams allows broadcasters to see everyone that is talking about their station or specific subjects (e.g. 102.1 the Edge, and everyone talking about Alternative Rock in Toronto). It determines what is happening in real time, what the size of the audience is, what the sentiment is and what the gender breakdown of the current conversation is.

With radio being a hyper local medium, there are always expectations from advertisers to ensure they are reaching their target audience. “Radio has always spent a lot of time and money ensuring they are reaching their target market, as well as locating their core listeners,” says Sanford Liu, CTO, SoCast SRM. “Smart Streams now does this automatically, with no additional data needed.”

Smart Streams allows news stations to compare multiple subjects, such as mayoral contenders, sports teams and trending topics, to decide what is most valuable to talk about either live on the air or in social media. This data, combined with real-time sentiment data gives stations true understanding of their audience’s preferences, at that very moment. This can be useful in testing new music formats, assessing contest intrigue, or understanding the general interest levels of the topics and content being broadcasted on air and online.

“Smart Streams not only allows us to see what is driving engagement on a topic, conversation or account but who the core influencers are,” says Chris Duncombe, Director, New Media, Corus Radio. “This gives our Corus Radio stations the opportunity to engage with these influencers directly to increase the reach of our content and maximize exposure for our brands.”

SoCast’s new feature allows station’s to focus on the content that matter, with the influencers that matter. By understanding the present social status of a station, broadcasters are finally able tie in an integrated publisher with real time analytics for a seamless social experience.


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