Rules for Radio: Push Notifications

Posted by The SoCast Team

Feb 23, 2017 10:36:05 AM


 With the onset of 24/7 connectivity, Radio brands have the power to get their audience’s attention at all times, particularly through SMS and instant notifications.


Although there are some notable differences between these two channels, there are common guidelines that keep your Radio brand’s notification strategy both engaging and above-board.


Personal privacy is one aspect of the digital era that brands must respect, and even moreso when you have permission to directly notify your app audience. This isn’t only a function of privacy law, but also a way to ensure that you can ethically collect data from interactions with your push notifications/mobile app. Bill Soulios summarizes this perfectly:


"Radio Stations should treat the ability to communicate with their Listeners via push notifications as a privilege, not a right… Radio Stations must provide value; if they don’t, push notifications will be ignored or turned off. Some users will uninstall their Radio App altogether. Analytics and measurement are important tools for improving your Radio App’s performance. But it’s important to write compelling push notifications that are valuable to users and that drive action."


Driving action is the key to successful push notifications, as well as keeping your Radio brand top of mind. Some examples of high value push notifications for Radio brands used at SoCast include:


  • Breaking News Alerts (Weather warning, bus cancellations, police investigations)
  • Concerts Alerts (Ticket pre-sales, concert cancellations, venue changes)
  • Traffic Alerts (Accidents, weather related driving conditions, public transit info)
  • Sports Alerts (Playoff Scores, last minute deals/trades)


Screenshot_Push notification-collage.jpg
In order to maximize engagement and minimize blocks/uninstalls, it is critical to refine volume and frequency, segment users into targeted notification lists, and give your audience as much control as possible over notification options. SoCast also recommends optimizing your notifications for all handsets and screen sizes, to ensure readability and consistency of brand.


Curious about how to use SMS and push notifications for your Radio brand? SoCast can help you build an effective digital strategy that includes all the audience channels offered by a mobile app. Speak to a SoCast specialist today and learn how we can build your brand with our digital tools designed for radio.

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