Rockstar of The Month: CFPL-FM (London, Ontario)

Posted by Vanessa

Dec 12, 2012 1:15:51 PM

December 12, 2012

Every radio station and their mother knows that the holiday season is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate radio's leadership in the community. Every year, we hear about stations holding toy drives, food drives, fundraisers, themed parties and contests, and an endless list of partnerships with prominent charities and NFPs. There's just so much going on that it's easy for your station's cause or event to get lost in the pile.

How to keep it fresh?

London's FM96 made an old tradition new again. Instead of calling on businesses to deliver donations, they teamed up with a local Chrysler dealership and other generous businesses for a promotion called "The Give and Take Christmas", where companies can register online to have the FM96 Helper Elf pick up donations. To top it off, the Helper Elf also randomly awards prizes from partners such as Moxies and Universal Music at stops along the way.

Here are three reasons why we say this was a rock star idea:

1. Convenience: One of the most valuable things in the world these days is time. Contributing to your cause should be as easy as pie if you want to maximize participation.

2. Gamification/Incentives: If we can learn anything from charity-based lotteries, it's that the chance of winning something big can be a key motivator in receiving large donations.

3. Requiring registration: Although this particular promotion absolutely required the donors to register their name in order to have their items picked up, there is underlying strategy in capturing the information of those that interacted with the station in a big way. When the promotion ends and the hoopla dies down, the station emerges with a larger community and more data than what they started with.

FM96, we applaud you!

Vanessa Markov
Account Executive/New Music Lover/Radio Advocate

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