Redesigning Your Station's Website? Here's 4 Things To Consider

Posted by Elliott Hurst

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Mar 1, 2017 10:54:03 AM

Every radio station works diligently to establish a unique brand positioning within its marketplace to reach and engage target consumers.  In the past, stations utilized captivating on-air personalities to establish a strong brand connection with its listeners and to build audience loyalty. However, with the emergence of digital, radio stations are now challenged with extending their brand essence across multiple channels. While newer channels such as mobile and connected cars are topical today and offer future growth opportunities, a station’s web site continues to deliver the largest amount of audience traffic.  Recently, a VP of Programming declared:


 “Our website is our storefront.  It needs to be there representing our brand no differently than what radio does for us on-air.”


 Therefore, many radio stations are investing in upgrading web sites for 3 key reasons:

  1. To ensure the timely distribution of content.
  2. To offer local advertisers new digital advertising opportunities.
  3. To refresh the site design to maximize its appeal to loyal listeners

Recently, 94.3 The Drive in Winnipeg, Manitoba, part of the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, relaunched the station’s web site with the support from SoCast’s Customer Service Representative Kat Harlton.  Kat’s enthusiasm can be summed up by the following statement:


I’ve been working on radio station website re-launches for almost 5 years and, almost immediately it was obvious the team from 94.3 The Drive “gets it”.  The station’s team accepted the challenge of building a completely new site, matching their on-air personality by using a unique style, clever humor, and live action feel.


Kat identified 4 key reasons for the station’s success:

  1. Used A Hero Space: By using a bright, humorous and visually appealing Hero image, 94.3 The Drive is able to provide a quick understanding of its brand character while communicating the station's main offering , especially for first time visitors. The Listen Live button and social icons drives user engagement with a devoted call to action.
  1. Sticky Navigation:  By using a sticky navigation the team optimized the website to ensure a favorable user experience. Listeners can now easily navigate from anywhere on the site without having to scroll and lose their place.
  1. Consistent Branding: By making sure all button and call to action colors are consistent with their hero theme, they are creating a consistent and dependable user experience. The kind of branding their listeners will be able to recognize anywhere.
  1. Layout: By using colored labels and creating sections, listeners can now easily find the content they are searching for including popular “Latest Stories” and “What's Trending” sections. The site is simple, clean and easy to use.

Having a platform to enable your station’s website is the first essential step in engaging your audience in digital.  Part of SoCast’s mission is to not only provide that platform, but to also help you realize their brand vision with tips, training, and advanced workshops.  




Curious about relaunching your station's website? Speak with a SoCast Specialist today! We are here to help answer your digital strategy questions, and equip you with the tools for digital success this year.

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