A Simple Guide to Digital for Radio - How Should You Spend Your Time?

Posted by Symon Edmonds

May 31, 2017 10:53:06 AM

One of the most exciting things about our industry is that there are always new opportunities to engage with radio audiences. You have a ton of awesome tools at your fingertips to connect and showcase your brand. In this recent blog post, we talked about how you can evaluate the technological opportunities available to radio - which ones are worth your time and how you can determine the best investments for your stations.

Today, we want to take it one step further and give you some guidelines as to how much time you should be spending in each area. After all, we understand that you have limited resources to invest and need to make the most of your opportunities given these limitations.

Below we’ve outlined a model for your radio station’s digital activities detailing how often you should use them and how much relative effort you should be investing in each (width of bars). Keep in mind that this is only a general guideline and may vary by station and format.


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Shared by Lori Lewis at 2017 WorldWide Radio Summit

Daily activities:

Station and website content: these are your bread and butter for audience engagement. Focusing your efforts on great content and programming for your station is absolutely paramount.

Stream and mobile apps: these are huge for revenue and engagement, so be sure to maintain strong investment to maximize these opportunities.

Facebook: this is also an important channel to leverage on a daily basis. According to the 2016 Jacobs Techsurvey, it is most common way for fans to interact with their stations after email. It also gets the most engagement out of all social media channels.

Weekly activities:

These activities are not quite as important to your station as your main programming and streaming, but are still huge revenue opportunities for radio. They also require a bit more planning and time to produce, therefore working better as weekly features.

Video: this helps keep your content fresh and varied, in addition to forging a deeper connection with your audience. Want to learn how to use video to increase your audience engagement? See what the team at JUMP 106.9, a Corus radio station did to increase engagement with video.

Podcasting: this is a big one. Broadcasters can repurpose on-air content for audiences to listen to on-demand. The revenue opportunity comes through podcast sponsorships. For more tips on how to make the most out of podcasting, check out this article.

“In-the-moment” activities:

These are activities where it’s best to strike while the iron is hot. They don’t necessarily need to be performed on a daily or weekly basis, but should be used when you have a compelling update or content to promote.

Twitter: this is best used for headlines to promote content and drive readers back to your website. For certain broadcasters, it may actually make sense to be more active on this channel (i.e. a news station tweeting news every day as it happens).

Email database: promote relevant content to your email database when the opportunity arises. For example, when you are launching a new contest or announcing an event.

Push notifications: using these through your mobile apps are an additional opportunity to increase engagement. When you have an event or contest, you can be sure that your audience will see your updates any time, any place with push notifications in mobile.

Texting: use to interact with your audience at specific times such as during events or contests, or for song requests.

Snapchat & Instagram: best used when your personalities are at events with high engagement and visual potential (such as backstage before a concert).

So there you have it - our guide on how to spend your time in digital. Of course, these are simply guidelines. You may find that certain channels work better than others and will need to develop workflows that function best for your station. Whatever you do, make sure that you are making the most out of the opportunities to increase engagement and revenue in digital.


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Using a strong digital platform to reach your audience in web, mobile and social will help streamline your workflows and increase engagement. SoCast provides the tools that you need to achieve greater levels of engagement and revenue. Talk to a SoCast Specialist today to see how you can grow in digital.
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