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Aug 31, 2016 9:55:31 AM


Dollarphotoclub_76457170.jpgRecently the SoCast team and I had the opportunity to visit Austin for the TAB conference (Texas Association of Broadcasters). With SoCast delivering easy to use digital solutions for broadcasters, we naturally found the “Monetizing Social Media” seminar a must-see and joined the crowd.



The seminar which was run by Michael Pettiette, Texas Director of Digital Sales for CBS and Jill Josephson, Business Development for Social News Desk addressed scenarios that are all too familiar to SoCast and our broadcaster customers.

The Scenario:
A radio group finally decides to invest in digital.

They find a provider of digital solutions like SoCast and get their website set up. They sign-up with a streaming company and begin the process of selling their digital ad inventory.

The Problem:
The numbers are low.

There are fewer website visitors than expected to drive ad revenue and tune-ins are lower than company projections.

The Solution:
Leverage social media to increase your website impressions and streams.

The presenters emphasized between 50-70% of a station’s website traffic should be coming from social media, particularly from Facebook. By engaging listeners more effectively on social media and optimizing content to lead back to your website, your brand will instantly realize increases in page views and digital tune-ins.

We couldn’t agree more. At SoCast we know that social media is key driver of audience engagement and revenue for our clients. By leveraging the platforms listeners spend the majority of their day with, radio brands can create or curate compelling stories that drive traffic back to their site. With a personal touch, the right timing, and some visuals, social media can become the main source of referral traffic to a Radio website.

So how do you create an effective social media post, for Facebook? Mastering how to optimize posts will help you monetize social media for your radio brand.

1. Find a local news piece that fans will react to

This can be a local sports team winning, a local hero doing a good deed, or a funny occurrence in your city. The key is to focus on a subject matter or interesting story to capture listeners’ attention.

2. Add a pop-culture reference to compliment the story

For example, use a quote, meme, dance, or any relevant phrase which resonates with your listener demographic.

3. Create an exciting and relevant headline

Without an enticing call to action, listeners may overlook your post. Sometimes adding text over an image can make your post more powerful.

4. Leverage the on-air talent for a personal touch

Have the on-air talent sign the post with his name so the audience knows it came from him. Remember, listeners tune-in for the talent or segment.

5. Include a link to the live stream

A link to a live listen player will instantly increase website traffic and boost live tune-ins straight from the post.

Need more tips on growing engagement and revenue for your radio brand(s)? Talk to one of our SoCast Digital Specialists.New Call-to-action
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