How Social Media keeps Radio Relevant

Posted by Paul Miedzik

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Oct 8, 2014 10:30:00 AM

8583949219_f55657573e_mWe are living in the digital information age where the majority of people get some form of local news and music discovery via a mobile device. Thanks to social media, we're getting news as it happens - sometimes even before news organizations have a chance to report it. This is a great opportunity for radio-as a trusted news source to stay relevant.

For this reason it is imperative, regardless of your role at your station, to integrate social media into your everyday programming. Social is something your listeners now expect and actually look forward to and extending your on-air conversations to social has never been more important.

Here are 3 ways how traditional radio stays relevant with social media.

1)      Connects to where listeners are consuming media today

Social media works on a personal, one-to-one basis and in attentive environment, communicating to target listeners in a live, fresh, and real-time setting.  With the majority of listeners spending much of their spare time immersed in social media, radio’s extension to this digital medium offers engaging conversations and storytelling opportunities. Social media keeps radio relevant by offering additional channels of communication with terrestrial radio listeners, and giving them even more touch points with radio brands in the most popular and engaging medium.

2)      Social keeps it local

Social media helps radio maintain its local presence and become more personalized by focusing on local references, people and connections while also delivering to a national audience. On-air personalities have phenomenal opportunities to strengthen relationships with audiences by being active with local communities, events, and helping individuals advertise their businesses. Since radio has always been recognized as the local piece first, social media provides options to create diverse content for every city. More and more social media strategies for radio brands are focusing on dedicated content specific to region, embracing the importance of establishing relationships with locals and their interests.

3)      Tells the (brand) story in new ways

Social media has finally tapped into other senses. Known for capturing the ears of audience, radio brands can now extend the conversation further by creating content that is relevant to the station and its listeners, but in new formats. Large visuals, videos, and gifs are flooding the feeds of social users and growing brand engagement by providing the type of content that is popular for today’s “scroll-based” consumer. By creating cross promotional campaigns that share both terrestrial and digital, radio brands can create interactive promotions that bring more value to both advertisers and the station itself.

Social media has become essential in delivering quality content while creating relationships with listeners.  In a time where digital radio is thriving and on demand stations are creating customized listening experiences, radio has no choice but to invest in a medium that extends its offering from the air and into the digital space.

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