Hooking Your Radio Audience with Original Podcasts

Posted by Symon Edmonds

Aug 10, 2017 10:45:00 AM

Great content is the best way to drive engagement with your audience. In this article, we’re taking a look at Spotify’s move into original podcasts and what radio can learn from it.


Earlier this year, Spotify announced that it would be adding several new podcasts to its Spotify Originals selection. These shows include a variety of different podcasts such as those about important moments in music history and mockumentaries about people trying to become the next big DJ.

Pixabay_microphone-1222302.jpgExpanding into original podcasting seemed like a natural move for Spotify. “People love listening to podcasts. What we felt is important is that Spotify has its imprint and footprint in original storytelling, particularly when it came to music. We thought it was perfect for a start in that model.” says Tom Calderone, Spotify’s global head of content partnerships.

Spotify has found success with this model, producing original content such as Mogul: The Life & Death of Chris Lighty, a six-part Spotify Original podcast series that chronicles the life of the aforementioned music entrepreneur who was once the manager for famous hip hop artists such as P. Diddy, Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes. By creating content that its audience is drawn to, Spotify is able to expand its reach and listener engagement.

The move echoes Netflix’s foray into producing original shows such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. The company spent $5 billion on original programming in 2016, which has been a significant driver of its continued growth.

What does this mean for radio?

Spotify’s increased investment in the podcasting arena is interesting for two reasons. First, it it is more evidence that podcasts are growing in popularity, a notion which is already well-documented. Second, it means that radio will have additional competition in the space.

Your radio station may not have the resources to produce a dozen new original podcast series like Spotify does, but you do have the opportunity to create podcasts for your audience with the content that you create on-air.

Here are three tips to help you create compelling original podcasts at your radio stations.


1. Make it easy on yourself by repurposing your on-air content

620 CKRM, a SoCast client, does a great job of repurposing its on-air content into podcasts. The station simply has an audio team that takes on-air content, edits it and repurposes it into a podcast to post on their website. This allows CKRM to reach more people with their content, increase content longevity and allows their audience to access content on-demand. This in turn creates more overall engagement for the station.


2. Give them something that they care about

CKRM also does a great job focusing on relevant local content with its podcasts. They have three main podcasts - Sports Cage, Saskatchewan Agriculture Today (many of its listeners are farmers) and Rider Radio (focusing on a popular local sports team). Since the station is already deeply invested in local events and sports, it only makes sense that they are also the main source for any local news discussion or local sports post-game analysis.


3. Leverage the power of your personalities to get your audience excited

Your radio station has already built a great deal of brand equity with its on-air personalities. Since your audience already loves engaging with your personalities on-air, give them another platform where they can more freely discuss issues that matter to your listeners. Playing to your announcers’ strengths, whether it is comedy, witty commentary on news stories or conducting in-depth interviews with local musicians, allows you to create excellent podcast content.

Click here to see how 620 CKRM used the SoCast platform and podcasting to increase digital engagement.

The main takeaway from the Spotify story is that you need to be creating original content that will help you connect with your audience. Podcasting is an excellent way to do this. Provide your audience with content that is relevant to them. Leverage the connection that your personalities have with your audience and focus on topics that will keep your audience engaged.

SoCast helps you keep your audience engaged by providing an integrated platform to manage all of your digital activities including podcasts, online streaming, social media and mobile apps. By having a robust digital presence, your radio stations can increase digital engagement and revenue. Speak with a SoCast Specialist today to learn how you can use our platform to accelerate your digital growth.


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