Four Ways to Produce Excellent Digital Content for Radio This Holiday Season

Posted by Symon Edmonds

Nov 28, 2017 9:47:12 AM

As the holiday season draws near, I’m sure all your radio minds are clicking with ways that you can create engaging content for your listeners that fits the theme. After all, the winter holidays bring an air an excitement that provide a great opportunity for you to connect with your listeners. So, what are some of the things you can do to ensure that you are connecting with your audience the best you can this holiday season?

Use consistent holiday branding across all your digital properties

If you’re going to add holiday branding to your digital properties, and you should, it’s important to be consistent everywhere online - your website, Facebook page, Twitter account - you name it!

Check out this example of excellent holiday branding by Fresh 92.5, a Corus Entertainment radio station based in Edmonton, Alberta. They do great work putting holiday branding across all their digital properties, helping them solidify their claim as “Edmonton’s Official Christmas Station."

Website hero image:


pasted image 0.png

Website background:

fresh holiday website background.png


Facebook page:

fresh 925 holiday facebook.png


Twitter page:

fresh 925 twitter holiday.png


Fresh 92.5 does a great job of using awesome holiday imagery to capture the seasonal excitement of its audiences. As a result, the station sees a 27% boost in its website traffic in December, while other stations often see no lift in traffic in December.

Bring in artists to perform covers of classic holiday songs

What better way to capitalize on the holiday spirit than to have your listeners’ favorite artists perform their favorite holiday songs? This concept works because it ties the brand power of musicians with the magic of the holidays. Check out this example by 102.1 The Edge, a rock station in Toronto, who has artists come into their studio for live performances of Christmas songs.


the edge holiday rock.png

The Edge has strong execution on this initiative. By creating a video series with branded title cards and a Twitter hashtag, in addition to tagging the artists in social media, the station is able to garner significant engagement on its Holiday Rock videos. The station also does an interview with the artist, asking them about their favorite Christmas songs, movies and treats to add more holiday flair to the campaign.

Produce excellent, relevant holiday content for your blog

Any content that you are delivering through your radio station, be it on the air or in digital, needs to be relevant to your audience. This is obvious. However, sometimes, we forget about some of the opportunities to deliver more relevant content to our audiences. Holiday blog content is one of these opportunities that you don’t want to leave untapped.

Think about what your audiences will be concerned about this holiday season. What will they want more information on? Provide this information to your listeners through your blog, disseminate that through your web and social media channels and you will see a nice engagement boost in digital.


Check out this example from Q107, who does a great job of delivering relevant holiday blog content to their listeners.


q107 holiday blog.png

To illustrate their success, Q107’s 2016 Black Friday Deals blog post garnered over 37,000 pageviews, far more popular than any of its other blog posts during that time of year (>4x more pageviews than the next most popular blog post).

Here are some ideas for relevant holiday blog topics:

  • Black Friday shopping tips
  • Holiday top ten lists (i.e. - Top 10 Classic Holiday Films)
  • Advice on holiday home decoration
  • How to deal with your in-laws this holiday season

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Tie in your holiday content with trending stories

Are you particularly bothered by the fact that Blake Shelton was named People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’? Well, it certainly did bother a lot of people. Of course, you’re already talking about it on your radio stations. However, with things like this, you can also tie it into your holiday content to add an extra punch of humor to your digital efforts. Check out another example from our friends at Fresh 92.5 in Edmonton, who made their announcement as Edmonton’s “official Christmas station”, while making a fun jest about the Blake Shelton ‘controversy’.


Tying in your holiday content with relevant themes will help to encourage conversation by giving people more to talk about. This video by Fresh 92.5 was able to garner over 1.6K views as well as over 50 ‘reactions’ (likes, hearts, ‘wow’ faces, etc.) on Facebook. The station also scored some extra engagement points by tagging Blake Shelton and having the post link to its listen live player.

We hope we’ve given you a little bit of inspiration to connect with your radio station’s audiences in digital this holiday season. It’s all about capturing that holiday spirit and using the right content that will hit the right note with your listeners. So, if you haven’t already, start creating some holiday-themed content to engage your audience in digital.

The SoCast platform gives you everything that you need to connect with your radio station’s audiences in digital during the holiday season as well as during the rest of the year! We make it easy to connect with your audiences by getting your radio station in all digital channels and produce more content with the same amount of digital manpower. Request a demo of the SoCast platform to learn how you can get started.

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