eSports Content Ideas for Radio Brands

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Dec 14, 2016 12:55:08 PM

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The rise of competitive gaming or eSports is growing to become one of the biggest trends in entertainment for 2017. With eSports brand sponsorships set to reach roughly $128.2 million this year, radio is uniquely positioned to capitalize on incorporating this trend into their content strategy. Not only can eSports attract an extremely accessible online community, but advertisers are scrambling to get in front of this desirable audience demographic that radio can easily reach.


Getting involved in eSports can be easy for radio brands, provided they pick a level of commitment that the community will respect and respond to.


FanExpoCanadaExtremeMasters-intelfreepress.jpgHere are three options for how to engage in eSports content through radio:

  1. As a Spectator: a low-commitment option that includes using eSports content as an advertising platform to reach millennials.
  2. As a Participant: a medium-commitment approach that can include striking deals to become linear- partners of up-and-coming leagues, or co-investing with an existing event.
  3. As a Driver: a high level of commitment in eSports where a station could create an event, or bring to bear traditional radio production and distribution skills to drive value to an existing event. Live coverage would be one example.

eSportsCommentators-intelfreepress.jpgFor overall coverage and content ideas, you may want to tune into FragRadio, the premier eSports gaming radio station. Much like traditional sports, you can also count on high quality coverage from specialized media outlets like ESPNYahoo and Red Bull. However local radio should capture what it does best, which is generally localized sports, news and entertainment.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly when it comes to engaging with a community, see if there are any eSports enthusiasts on your radio team. With a global audience of 213.8 million people there is likely someone in your fold who is a member of the eSports community, and may be well-suited to help guide your content strategy forward.


With the dramatic rise of eSports, incorporating this trend creates an opportunity to attract advertisers and fuel cross-channel campaigns for your radio brand. If your radio brand is looking to grow their content strategy to drive digital advertising revenue, SoCast is ready to help. To learn more about how our platform makes digital growth easy for radio, ask to speak with a SoCast Digital Specialist.

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