Digital Resolutions for Radio in 2017

Posted by The SoCast Team

Jan 11, 2017 3:58:41 PM


With the start of a new year, particularly one that will feature competing digital trends in the radio industry, it’s an excellent time to set a few resolutions for your radio brand. Focusing on just a few key digital components can have a huge impact this year. Since we specialize in leveraging digital technology to help build brand audience and engagement, SoCast has found some great basic ‘digital resolutions’ that almost any brand can (and should) stick to for 2017.

  • Create more original content this year.

Original content is still the best way to organically engage existing and attract new listeners. Start by leveraging on-air personalities and influencers: have them post about their insights and generate conversations that build reach and engagement.

  • Partner with a strong digital solution provider this year.

Most radio brands invest in various platforms to help build their digital presence, but what they really need is a partnership with a single provider who can support all of their their digital efforts. Seek out solution providers who offer on-going support and team coaching (like SoCast).

  • Prepare for programmatic this year.

Programmatic advertising is coming as the next stage of radio monetization. Brands should anticipate more vendors innovating in programmatic, and ensure their own digital platform is set-up to manage these new monetization campaigns.

  • Offer more cross-channel campaigns this year.

Cross-channel campaigns are going to be in high demand, and your sales team should be prepared to give advertisers what they want. If you’re unsure where to start, we can show you how to develop new cross-channel advertising opportunities using the SoCast platform.

  • Invest in research and data analysis this year.

To be more effective in your digital efforts, invest in research and data analysis around your existing and potential target audience. The goal is to better understand what content will resonate and which channels are best for distribution.

Curious about how your brand can achieve these digital resolutions in 2017? Speak with a SoCast Specialist today! We are here to help answer your digital strategy questions, and equip you with the tools for digital success this year.

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