Creating Engaging Radio Promotions in 2016

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Aug 3, 2016 1:38:43 PM

Promotions.jpgRadio brands investing in digital channels know before being ready to generate revenue it is necessary to have proper tools and platforms in place. One key part of any radio toolkit is promotions, long the lifeblood of any station, but more important today for advertisers demanding better results from their radio partners. The process for developing a successful promotion within the digital landscape is impacted by several key factors:

1. The Concept


All successful promotions start with creating a viable idea which works as the value proposition for your program. Therefore, consideration must be given to advertiser marketing objectives, target audience, a relevant offer or incentive to participate, ease of execution, budget, timing and media support.  


  • Execute a local talent search contest where your audience (ages 16-38) enters an “American Idol” style competition to win a great prize.

2. The Details


The details are the granular descriptions of how your promotion will work. They answer questions such as: What type of contest is being run (eg. sweepstakes, instant win)? What do listeners have to do to participate (eg. call-in to win, complete an online ballot, post on social media, go to contest sponsor’s retail location)? What is the prize (overview and value)? The prize details plus full contest rules should also be available on your website for entrants to review.


  • A Music talent search – where listeners become contestants.
  • Listeners record their own performance and post it to social media, tagging the station.
  • Winner will receive a grand prize including $1700 in gift cards from the contest sponsor, a recording session at "SoCast Recording Studio" and airtime for their winning song entry. 

3. The Rationale


Before committing to the promotion stations must determine if the program will have a positive ROI. Answering the following questions will help justify moving forward or not: Are we helping our customer achieve their marketing objectives? Will the radio station grow listenership?  Will the station generate incremental ad revenue?


 Promotion acts as a multi-week integrated campaign:


  • Sponsors benefit from exclusive content gated to your digital properties
  • Numerous on-air, online, social and interactive opportunities for sponsors
  • Repurpose video/audio of each stage of the competition in web and social
  • Invite contestants in studio for live performance and leverage video/audio
  • Syndicated across web and social

4. The Inventory


In order for a promotion to be successful you need to reach your audience. Below is an inventory list of recommended advertising options available through on-air and digital channels:


  • Site navigation
  • Presenting sponsorship
  • Event sponsorship & activation opportunities
  • On-air mentions
  • Social media mentions
  • On-air spots
  • Local logos

Based on the content presented, SoCast recommends creating promotions which are:


  • Simple
  • Repeatable
  • Have an extended shelf-life
  • Relevant to listeners
  • Help advertisers achieve their business objectives
  • Easy for your Sales team to sell-through
  • Easy for you sales team to up-sell advertisers into a terrestrial media buy (e.g. position packages as “add-ons”)


Need help building a digital toolkit so you can create amazing promotions? Download the white paper below to get your radio station growing digital revenue.

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