Actions Speak Louder Than Likes

Posted by Vanessa

Oct 5, 2012 12:52:24 PM

October 5, 2012

Everyone knows at least one person who never keeps their word; someone who ‘says’, but never ‘does’. How much value does that person add to your life? Probably not much.

The point is talk is cheap, and the same can be said about the non-committal act of ‘liking’ a page or ‘following’ a feed.

This is not to say that your fan page and follower counts don’t hold some value or prove that you’re doing something right, but that those numbers do not reflect actual engagement – the foundation of truly valuable relationships – that leads to sales or, in radio’s case, a loyal audience.

Last fall, Facebook acknowledged the need to track and measure activity with the introduction of “People talking about this” to its Page Insights, which reflects a metric based on the various ways people interact with your page and content. And according to this article on, Twitter will soon follow suit with its own method of measuring engagement.

These are great steps forward in helping brands effectively manage and analyze their social strategies, but beyond that the real priority of radio at this point is to create a correlation between social media success and hours tuned.

So the next time you look at your station’s social media data, whether generated from social networks themselves or via third party applications, the question to ask is not “How do I get more likes?” but “How has our social media activity affected hours tuned?”

Vanessa Markov
Account Executive/New Music Lover/Radio Advocate

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