What We Learned from Our 2017 Digital Trends in Radio Survey

Posted by Symon Edmonds

Aug 15, 2017 1:28:30 PM

We all know how important digital is for the evolution and growth of radio. We’re also well aware of changes in listener habits, such as the rise in podcasting. This information helps radio identify new opportunities and capitalize on trends in the future.


However, did anyone stop to think about how radio stations themselves are managing digital? Well, that’s exactly what we did with our 2017 Digital Trends in Radio Survey, where we surveyed nearly 200 professionals in broadcasting to learn how they are managing digital revenue, engagement and technology at their radio stations to set some benchmarks for our industry. flight-sky-earth-space.jpg

What are the most successful radio groups doing in digital and how can you replicate their success? We’ll show you in this webinar that we’re hosting on Thursday August 17 at 2PM EDT.

Our webinar will cover the following topics:

What you need to boost digital revenue

In this section of our webinar, we break down our data to show which types of digital inventory are generating the most revenue for radio brands. We’ll also talk about how your radio stations can implement more digital inventory and how to monetize it. Additionally, we’ll show you on average how much revenue broadcasters are generating from digital so that you can set targets for your stations.

How to maximize audience engagement in digital

Here, we take a look at strategies for your radio stations to drive traffic to your websites as well as how to best manage social media and blogs. How often should you be blogging? What social media networks should you be active on? We’ll show you what the most successful groups are doing and how you can attain similar success.

Empowering your people to accelerate digital growth

Digital growth requires a concerted effort across your organization. You need to give your people the tools that they need to take advantage of opportunities in digital. In this part of the webinar, we’ll outline best practices for managing digital at your radio stations. We’ll show you how to govern digital and what metrics you need to be tracking to hold your people accountable for digital success.

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SoCast is committed to helping radio evolve in the digital era. The research from our 2017 Digital Trends in Radio Survey has helped us identify opportunities for broadcasters to grow in digital. As the only survey in the industry that focuses exclusively on the broadcasters themselves, we’re able to provide you with unique insights on how your radio stations can grow in digital. We also provide an integrated platform to facilitate this and are continually improving our technology so that you can take advantage of the latest trends in digital for radio. Need help crafting a digital strategy for your radio stations? Talk to a SoCast specialist today to learn how you can accelerate your digital growth.



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