8 Ways to Effectively Tweet Radio Content

Posted by Vanessa

Nov 14, 2012 11:26:51 AM

November 14, 2012

When it comes to social media success, radio's major advantage over every other type of brand in the world is a hundred year head start on developing free consumable content. As a result, radio is already well established as a reliable, resourceful, and entertaining content provider while everyone else is trying to catch up because great content is exactly the main ingredient of social media success.

But instead of using social networks like Twitter to share that high quality content, many stations make the mistake of simply advertising what's on air or posting links back to external contests and websites. Not to say it's as simple as cutting up your audio and tweeting it in bits - you have to know what content works for social media (and the particular network as well) and then translate it to spec. Here are 8 immediately actionable ideas to get you started:

1. Tweet quotes and pictures during commercial breaks of in-studio interviews
2. Tweet pictures taken backstage at concerts (make sure you have permission!!)
3. Twitter helps you 'take more calls' - have listeners tweet song requests and answers to survey and trivia questions, then read some of the answers on air
4. Run a sweepstakes on Twitter, which unlike Facebook, is free. (Just ensure you follow Twitter's Contest Guidelines)
5. Live-tweet from events you are covering
6. Similar to reading a fan letter or email on-air, re-tweet some of the more notable messages your followers have sent you
7. Ask fans to tweet questions they would like you to ask a guest
8. Extend an on-air discussion by having listeners continue the conversation under a Twitter hashtag (people love to feel heard so chime in once or twice to keep them engaged)

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Vanessa Markov
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