5 Steps for Creating an Effective Facebook Post for Radio

Posted by Steven Borenstein

Aug 13, 2015 11:56:00 AM

3269308813_cbc7a9f734_zA local Toronto radio station, The Edge 102.1, consistently shares content that resonates with their audience. Through plenty of testing and by using the right tools, they’ve been able to determine the right mix of content and timing to produce high levels of engagement which increases website traffic and grows tune-ins.

The example below recaps a recent Facebook post that the station deployed which generated oustanding results.

Listed below is the formula they used for this particular story which generated:


5 Facebook tips for radio that provided the winning formula:


A look at what they did:

1. Found a piece of local news their fans would love

In this instance, the local baseball team swept the New York Yankees away from home for the first time in 12 years.

2. Reference pop culture to compliment the story

Mad Max, a recent summer blockbuster movie, popular with millennials and known for their gangs of warriors, was referenced for impact.

3. Create an exciting and relevant headline

"Toronto Blue Jays Returning Home from New York"

4. Leverage the on-air talent for a personal touch

The on-air talent, Adam, signed the post with his name so that his audience knew it came from him.

5. Include a link to the live stream

A link to a live listen player was provided to increase website traffic and boost live tune-ins.

While not every post has to follow this formula, this was an example of one that yielded great results. The takeaway is that a local story with a local audience, will always generate the greatest impact.

Do your radio brands have a social media strategy? Do you have any Facebook tips for radio? The SoCast team would love to hear about them in the comments.

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