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Posted by Calvin Barr

Dec 2, 2014 9:25:00 AM


Communications_IconsInvesting in digital marketing can feel unpredictable. Ever-growing volumes of online chatter are making it harder for individual brands to stand out, while traditional advertising methods that target broadly and lack detailed impact measurements are losing relevance. Understanding precisely what consumers respond to online is becoming a higher priority than ever. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, the online world has no shortage of techniques for establishing and evaluating one’s digital presence. 

To start or accelerate your digital radio growth, check out these five free tools and this infographic on the ROI of digital radio:


Sprout Social Insights

To get the best dimensions for social images, use Sprout Social’s guide to image sizes for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Tumblr. The page discusses each channel’s most common images types and why the size recommendations are in place. For help growing social reach for radio, check out the link above.    


Profile Picture

400 X 400 (Display 200 x  200)

Header Photo

1,500 x 500

In-Stream Photo


440 x 200


Profile Picture

180 x 180 (Display 160 x 160)

Cover Photo

841 x 315

Shared Image

1,200 x 900

Highlighted Image

1,200 x 717


Channel Cover Photo

2,560 x 1,440

Video Upload

1,280 x 60 (HD)


Hubspot’s Monthly Marketing Reporting Template

This spreadsheet-based template compiles marketing channel metrics and organizes the individual and total reach of channels into simple reports.  Organizing information on traffic rates, month-on-month growth, and overall channel performance, the report is easily formatted as a Power Point deck for on-the-spot performance presentations. Hubspot also offers users a variety of blog, email, website, and landing page templates.    


StatShow is a tool used to instantly generate website traffic and value estimates. Overviewing daily/monthly/yearly page views, website history, revenue, and overall rank approximations, it’s a great way to look up website overviews. Don’t interpret the results as exact, but use it to create a preliminary list of competitors, customers, and other third parties to look into.

The KISSMetrics Guide to Blogging

Both new and experienced bloggers can reference this user guide for all blogger best practice questions. With over 30 technical, formatting, visual, and writing tips on blog optimization, the article covers topics from the platform essentials, to the little things that are easy to forget. Providing plenty of examples of blog integration with popular mediums like Google AdWords and Facebook, it`s a perfect resource for building your audience.

Social Kit

Using a free Photoshop plugin, Social Kit provides customizable templates for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+, and allows users to edit cover, profile, ad banner, and other photo types. The site generates instant design previews, and templates are automatically updated on your channel's front end. More Photoshop and CSS plugins are available on the home page.

These tools are five of hundreds that exist to help advance and streamline digital online practices. It may be well worth your time to start by listing everything you want your brand to do online, and then researching support resources. Don’t forget that developing and sharing your own digital tools will help brand you as a thought-leader and digital radio expert! 

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