4 Tips to Increase Radio Engagement with Video

Posted by Symon Edmonds

Mar 10, 2017 4:37:00 PM


Video is a fantastic way to engage with your radio audience. In fact, 60% of visitors will watch a video before reading text if there is a video on the page. In addition to higher engagement and recall, video gives you a great opportunity to showcase your radio brand and give your audience something that they care about. Talking about a trending topic through video is a great way to increase engagement on your videos and resonate with your audience. So, get behind the camera and give your audience what they want!


Check out this video from JUMP Ottawa, a Corus radio station. They do a great job of capitalizing on a trending topic by parodying 'The Real Housewives of Toronto', which premiered the day that they posted the video.




Here are some things that the team at JUMP did very well with this video.


1. Capitalize on a trending topic

The video parodies the show 'The Real Housewives of Toronto'. The show premiere was the day that they posted the video. Doing commentary on an issue that is top-of-mind for your radio station's audience is a sure-fire way to gain increased engagement.


2. Relate the topic to your show & radio brand

The team at JUMP did a great job of putting a spin on this topic and using it showcase the personalities on their station. Each personality had a snippet which allowed them to inject a bit of humor in a fashion that related to the topic at hand.


3. Keep it short

Audience attention spans are short and this video does a great job of maximizing content while staying under 60 seconds. Videos of this length have 80% viewer retention and ensure that more people actually see all of your content.


4. Relate it to an article on your site

Keeping in line with a topic that they already covered on their own website, the team at JUMP was able to increase user engagement by having even more topical content. This layering of content gives their audience something to come back to and a reason to stay engaged.


The Results

The team at JUMP saw their efforts rewarded for putting together and launching this topical video at the right time. Within 9 hours of posting the video on their Facebook page, the team saw results as follows. Note the considerable increase in engagement on their 'The Real Housewives of Toronto' (RHOT) Parody video.


Results JUMP 1069 video.png


JUMP's 'The Real Housewives of Toronto' video performed exceptionally well because of how the video was put together and the time it was posted. By capitalizing on a trending topic, JUMP was able to 'strike while the iron is hot', so to speak. Additionally, by creating a video that was under 60 seconds and used punchy humor, JUMP was able to capture the attention of their radio audience. The other videos they had posted were longer and received less views as a result. It should also be noted that video outperformed other types of posts on their Facebook page, which often receive 1 or 2 likes each.


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