3 Ways Digital Can Amplify the Power of Your Radio Station’s Events

Posted by Symon Edmonds

Jul 20, 2017 10:47:24 AM

People live for experiences. As a radio broadcaster, if you want to connect with your audiences, you need to provide experiences that they will value. A fantastic method for doing this is through your radio station’s events.


In the past week, we noticed a couple of articles that highlighted the importance of hosting events and the revenue and engagement opportunities that they create. The first article focuses on how performance spaces can be strong revenue generators while the second article focuses on how events can serve to build your brand as well as generate revenue. Unsplash_jason-rosewell-60014.jpg


Event spaces can be huge engagement drivers for radio brands, as evidenced by Alpha Media’s Skype Lounge, sponsored by Microsoft. Additionally, creating your own events similar to WXPN Philadelphia’s XPoNential Music Festival provides a plethora of opportunities to sell advertising space to partners.

Digital is a fantastic way to amplify the power of your radio station’s events. By creating more engagement touchpoints for your audience and promoting your event in digital, you can increase overall audience engagement at events.

Here are 3 specific ways that you can use digital to increase the reach of your events in terms of event promotion and engagement and achieve higher revenue for your efforts.


1. Leverage your database:

Your loyalty club database is a great resource in terms of event promotion. Email marketing is another channel that can be used to increase awareness of your event. Providing your database with an exclusive offer or contest in order to win free tickets can increase the power of your email marketing. Furthermore, you can use these contests to increase the size of your database by requiring contests participants to sign up for your loyalty club.

Your loyalty club can be used both during the leadup to your event as well with live activation at your event. For instance, you can promote to your loyalty club special activations like KNDD Seattle does with its “Holiday karaoke”, where the best singers get to meet their favorite bands backstage. This allows you to provide value to your loyalty club members and get them more engaged at your events.


2. Integrate your events with social media:

Social media is another channel that will help you with event promotion by amplifying your reach, but can also be used to increase engagement prior to, during and even after your event. Additionally, social media can be used in tandem with contests related to your events. For instance, you could run a contest where fans upload their best photos relating to your event on Twitter with your chosen event hashtag for a chance to win free tickets. This will help generate buzz around your event, increase social media engagement and provide additional exposure for advertising partners.

“Social media makes a lot of sense in terms of being able to be responsive, get the word out quickly and be relevant. Nothing pleases us more to see user-generated content flying all over the place. We are always hoping that the listeners attending our event will share it and extend the coverage of our sponsors—whether it’s logos or whatever.”

  • Lindi Glasgow, VP of Business Development at Alpha Media


3. Use video to increase engagement:

Video is another key component to increase engagement at your events. Alpha Media’s Skype Lounge, for instance, allows fans to interact with studio acts during their performance sessions at the event. Video can also be used in tandem with contests to encourage the creation of user-generated content and provides great content to put on your website after the event. Another advantage of video components such as the Skype Lounge is that it allows your audience to engage with your event in digital even if they are unable to attend in person.

“The Skype studio is a big part of what we do. We’ll have an artist there and will promote on social media the opportunity to ask questions in front of a live audience, which is then streamed all over the country.”

  • Randi P’Pool, VP of Marketing at Alpha Media

alpha skype lounge portland.jpg

Alpha Media's Skype Live Studio in Portland, Oregon


Whatever strategy you use to promote your events, it is important to create integrated campaigns. For instance, promoting a contest on your website as well as on-air, requiring contest participants to sign up for your loyalty club and having them post content relating to your event on social media will help to increase event awareness as well as engagement. By doing this, you can amplify the power of your radio station’s events.

Connecting with your audience no longer happens only on the air. Technology enables radio broadcasters to connect with their audiences wherever they are consuming media and entertainment. By amplifying the power of your radio station’s events using the tactics we discussed above, your radio station has the opportunity to become a stronger part of your community’s local narrative.

SoCast is committed to being your partner in digital and providing the technology infrastructure required to drive such digital engagement and help you become a bigger part of your local community. Speak with a SoCast Specialist today to learn how you can use our integrated platform to increase digital engagement at your radio station’s events.

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