Everything You Need To Know About SoCast’s New Cancellation System

By Kat (SoCast) Apr 19, 2023 | 6:09 PM

Our new Cancellation Listings tool is similar to, but separate from our Local Listings tool and is specifically meant for weather cancellations and business closures.  It’s an excellent tool for generating local traffic and community engagement on your website. Bonus! It’s all responsive, meaning your audience can engage via their mobile devices.

Ready to learn more about SoCast’s Cancellation Listings? Let’s dive in!

Cancellation Listings

With our tool you have the ability to display cancellation listings that are organized by category or status, and features a search option for those wishing to search by business or school name. With the Cancellation Listing widget, you can also choose which fields and how many items to display. Cancellation Listings also have the ability to be bulk updated.

Cancellation Listing Categories

Cancellation Listing categories are used to help organize your listings. They make it easier for you to monitor listings per category. They work similar to blog categories and are an important tool, especially as your station continues to grow. Think about how your audience would want to access this information and organize from there. We’ve already added some default categories for you to get started with (which can be edited at any time).

Cancellation Listing Statuses

Cancellation Listing statues are used to help organize your listings. They make it easier for you to monitor listings per status. We’ve already added some default statues for you to get started with (which can be edited at any time).

Cancellation Listing Category Syndication

Our Cancellation Listing Category Syndication works similarly to our premium blog category syndication, and allows you to syndicate a listing category to other stations / accounts within your Company.

Community Contributions

One of the biggest requests we received was the ability to allow the community to contribute to and monitor their own listings. So within each cancellation listing, there is an option to Invite a contributor to become the author of the listing. 

As an author, the contributor can make changes or delete the listing. The contributor is sent an invitation email with instructions on how to manage this listing. This feature would be ideal for a school admin, business owner etc.

Advertising Opportunities

Our cancellation system comes with the ability to add a hero above the listing or listing page, great for branding, a call to action, takeover, sponsorship, etc.

We also offer the ability to insert an ad slot (or multiple ad slots) into any listings page, as well as the option to create and use a custom sidebar.

If you’re an existing SoCast client, and are interested in Cancellation Listings,  you can reach out to us at support@socastdigital.com

We are also offering a live training webinar for existing clients on Apr 28, 2023 at 2:00 PM EDT you can register for it here:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Otherwise, you can learn how SoCast can help you engage your listeners and reach more customers for your clients through our solutions custom built for the broadcast industry by clicking the ‘Speak To A Specialist’ button.