Everything You Need To Know About SoCast’s Audio Comment Feature

By Kat (SoCast) Mar 7, 2022 | 2:25 PM


Many of you have reached out regarding the recent release of iHeartRadio’s Talk Back feature for their mobile app allowing listeners to offer feedback or respond to hosts’ questions by recording a 30-second voice message. SoCast has offered this same feature since 2014. 

Listeners can access our audio comment feature within the Activity Stream tool, once member/anonymous conversations have been enabled and added to the Activity Stream.

To enable anonymous/member conversations for your Activity Stream, go to  Social > Activity Streams > edit your stream, and add ‘Member & Anonymous Conversations’. Make sure to save.

Once enabled, in the main commenting module at the top of the activity stream, there will be an option to select an image or audio attachment.

Once the audio button is pushed, users can record their message. We offer a 30-second limit in order to make the soundbites radio friendly, however users can send multiple messages. A playback option is also available so users can listen to their message before submitting. We also offer options to re-record the message or cancel it entirely.

All audio comments (and other Activity Stream comments) can be found under Social > Activity Streams > Conversations. All comments submitted automatically come in as ‘pending’ if activity stream moderation has been enabled in the activity stream settings, to help prevent the system from being abused and to allow the host to monitor the recordings on their end. Once the host has approved the submitted recording/message, it will appear within the Activity Stream. If moderation has been disabled then all member/anonymous comments automatically appear in the activity stream. 

All comments can be rejected, with an additional feature that allows for comments from a specific IP address to be rejected for 7 days within the Activity Stream Conversations tool. 

Comments can also be monitored and replied to within the Social > Monitoring tool by adding the Inbox stream. 

Users do not have to identify themselves if submitting anonymously. However those signed in as members (via our membership tool) are identifiable within the CMS by their member name and email address. Users signed in as members are also listed under the Promotions > Members tab where full name, phone number, email etc is listed from past interactions like contesting where this information is required.

All audio clips can be downloaded via the Activity Stream on the app (or desktop) once they are approved and appear within the Activity Stream. (We’re working on making these downloadable within the CMS as well). From there you can then upload the audio to the Media Library, and use ‘insert media’ within pages, blogs or contests to embed the recording.

This feature is available to all clients with a SoCast app (or website) and is just one of the great benefits of your partnership with us.

If you have any questions, please reach out to support@socastdigital.com


The SoCast Team