Coming Soon! Ability To Customize Transactional Emails

By Kat (SoCast) Jan 25, 2022 | 2:49 PM


Starting on Monday, January 31, SoCast will be releasing a new enhancement to the CMS which will allow you to add a custom email for transactional emails sent from the platform. This will deprecate the existing use of DKIM key records that we were previously using.

What is a transactional email?

Great question!

A transactional email is an email the SoCast platform sends between a website visitor and the platform.

For example, when a visitor signs up via our membership tool on your website or app, they receive an email asking them to verify their membership. This is a transactional email.

Other examples include the emails visitors receive when creating and responding to local listings, submitting comments on blogs or pages and submitting entries through contact forms. 

Do I need to do anything?


Each station/account will now have a field under Admin > Admin Settings labeled “transactional email address”. 

Each station should add an email address that they want their transactional emails to come from. Ex. no-reply@station123.com or membership@station123.com 

Once you have provided and saved this email address, an email will be sent to that address to verify within 24 hours that you own this address and can allow us to send transactional emails on your behalf. 

What happens if I don’t update it?

Great question!

If you do not update the transactional email address, all transactional emails sent to your visitors from the SoCast platform will come from no-reply@socastsrm.com

How does this integrate with the DKIM Keys I’ve already implemented?

Glad you asked!

If you’ve already implemented DKIM Key records (that were sent to you by us) you’ll still need to add a transactional email address.

For those who never implemented DKIM key records, you no longer will need to do so.

I am a large client with many stations, do I need to manually update the transactional email field for all my accounts?

Yes, but it’s easy!

You will need to verify a transactional email per account but we’ve made it very simple, it only takes a few clicks.

If you have any questions or would like assistance from the Client Success team, feel free to reach out anytime during regular support desk hours via support@socastdigital.com


The SoCast Team