SoCast Native Mobile App is coming soon, but first…

By SoCast Landing Page – d2406 Jan 20, 2021 | 6:23 PM

The excitement has been hard to contain. After more than a year of research, design and mobile development, the time is almost here, to release our new SoCast Native Mobile App !

While we’re still making some final adjustments ‘under the hood’, beginning January 21 2021, we will need to make some updates to the admin panel in preparation for the new native mobile apps.

We’ll be starting with updating Apple iOS mobile apps first, followed by Google Play Android mobile apps later this year.

For Clients with SoCast’s Mobile App product and access to Mobile App features on your admin panel log in, you will notice under Mobile App> Mobile App Settings this menu will change to read ‘Mobile App Settings (Legacy)‘ .

This is where you will continue to control your mobile app settings, menu, appearance etc.

When the time comes for us to update your station’s Apple iOS apps to the new Native Mobile App, we will communicate directly with you. At that time, you will receive two additional menu items called ‘iOS Mobile App Menu‘ and ‘iOS Mobile App Settings‘.

This is where you will control your NEW Native Apple iOS mobile app, and continue to control your Legacy Mobile App from the existing menu.

When it’s time to update the Google Play Android version of your station mobile app, we will adjust the admin panel once more, to use only the new mobile app settings options at that time and moving forward.

There will be more exciting communication to follow in the coming days and weeks ahead.

We hope you are as excited as we are, for the latest and greatest in Mobile App user experience!

Should you have any questions or concerns please email support@socastdigital.com or your Account Manager directly.