5 Holiday Content Tips For Radio

By Kat (SoCast) Dec 8, 2020 | 5:49 PM

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your website’s holiday content. First step? Go over your holiday content from last year and revamp it. Fix up any broken links or embedded videos, and make sure it’s ready to shine! For inspiration check out our 5 holiday content tips below: 

1. Tie In Your On Air Holiday Content With Your Site

Premiering a new holiday track on air? Make sure to add a corresponding blog post. This could include the music video, covers, remixes and past versions of the song. 

Alternatively, you could invite the artist to do an Instagram or Facebook Live takeover to perform the track live, and then upload that video as part of your blog content. 

Don’t forget to share other holiday content, such as movie watch guides, recipes and crafts or last minute gift ideas that can be talked about on air and matched with corresponding digital content.

How To With SoCast:

Use the blog tool, and embed content. Popular elements include the video player for adding Youtube videos, or the Soundcloud element for holiday tracks or podcasts. 

Alternatively you can use the Raw HTML element to embed Spotify tracks, iFrame codes, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts and more!

2. Create A Holiday Local Listings Section:

During the holidays many people are looking to buy, sell or trade holiday decor or specialty services. Create a holiday specific category and create custom fields for the type of service being offered such as holiday home decoration, catering, party favors or gift swapping.

With Covid-19 continuing to impact our lives, the ability to add custom fields that can easily be edited or changed based on the specific needs of your community is a must have item for your Local Listings section.

For Custom Field ideas click HERE

How To With SoCast:

Using the SoCast Local Listings tool, create specific classified categories and custom fields, then add those categories to a holiday specific page.

3. Create Specialty Holiday Event Calendars

During the holidays, every city, town and neighborhood host a wide variety of events, giving your station the opportunity to cash in on those clicks. Create a specific local events holiday calendar that features holiday markets,  pop-ups and more. You could also create additional calendars for local religious holiday services, such as traditional Christmas eve services, or a calendar specific to holiday charity drives.

Make sure to include a contact form where your listeners can submit their event information or Facebook event links to the station.

After the event, comb social media to provide quick post event coverage by embedding social posts and photos. (eg. 25 Photos From The Santa Claus Parade)

How To With SoCast:

Use the event calendar tool, and create your special holiday calendars first, then create your holiday events and assign to those calendars

4. Create A Holiday Push Notification Group

Get your SoCast App in on the action, and create a holiday push notification group. Offer your listeners push notification reminders for local holiday events (i.e outdoor skating rink openings etc)

How To With SoCast:

Use the push notifications tool for the SoCast Mobile app. Create a new holiday push notification group for your listeners to subscribe to. 

5. Create Holiday Contests:

No one loves a contest more than during the holidays when they have the potential to win free stuff! Think outside the box for holiday contest ideas, or re-use successful ones from years past. For inspiration, check out some ideas below:

  • Story: Share a favorite holiday memory or share your child’s letter to Santa
  • Photo: Upload a photo of your family in their favorite ugly christmas sweaters, upload a photo of your house decorated for the holidays or a upload a photo of your pet dressed dressed as Santa’s little helper.
  • Music: Upload a single of your band covering a holiday classic
  • Video/Youtube: Build A Gingerbread House Challenge, or a holiday version of “Nailed It”

How To With SoCast:

Use the SoCast contesting tool to choose a specific type of contest, and then incorporate your holiday contest idea. 


Tip: Don’t forget to change over all your website graphics to holiday inspired ones. Also make sure to match those graphics with the ones used on your social media channel to help keep branding consistent.

If you have any questions or would like some help from the Client Success team, feel free to reach out anytime during regular support desk hours via live chat or support@soastdigital.com