Meet Upvoty: Our New Enhancement Tool!

By Kat (SoCast) Jul 15, 2020 | 3:03 PM


You may have recently noticed a new feature on our CMS landing page by Upvoty. This new feature allows you to submit your product ideas and enhancement requests directly to our Product Team, and help us decide what we should build next.

Every idea submitted can be voted on by anyone with login access to the SoCast Platform. We encourage you to vote, as the ideas with the most votes will be considered higher priority items.

To search for an idea or item, use the search box at the top. Please search for an idea first before submitting, to prevent duplicates. You can also use the filtering tools to filter by trending, top, newest and oldest, as well as In Progress, Planned, Live etc.

What does the status mean?

Planned: We’ve investigated the idea and have added it to our roadmap as something we plan to incorporate.

In Progress: We’re currently working on building this feature.

Live: This feature is live, and on the platform ready for you to use.

Anyone who votes on an item, will receive an email update to the address used to log into the SoCast Platform, when the feature is Live.

If you’ve submitted feature requests previously through the Support Desk, know that those have already been sent to the Product Team for consideration, however please feel free to add them via Upvoty if you wish for other users to be able to see what you’ve requested and vote on it.

If you have any questions please reach out the support desk, or use the live chat feature.


The SoCast Team