Theme 3.0 Launch Is Around The Corner! Check Out These Highlights!

By Kat (SoCast) Jul 9, 2020 | 2:24 PM

We’re excited to announce that starting next week, we will begin rolling out a new SoCast Theme, SoCast 3.0. This theme will be released on a per client basis, by request. If you’d like the new theme, please reach out to the support desk via Live Chat or support@socastdigital.com.

The SoCast 3.0 theme is designed to be the most robust set of theme configurations by SoCast to date, with consideration for the most popular client customizations and requests, as well as the latest design trends. New customization options for dynamic website content has also been provided to empower you to create compelling and tailored websites for your brand, content, and audiences. These customization options will also allow you to easily and quickly adapt your website and content as your brand or audiences grow and change. 

Theme Characteristics: Our new theme characteristics will allow you to strengthen your brand identity, differentiate your website from your competitors and tailor your website style to your website content and audience. 

Highlights include

  • New theme editor with the ability to preview configuration updates
  • New font options
  • New menu style options
  • Customizable widths and positions of theme elements
  • Theme is fully optimized for use across various screen sizes

Theme Heroes: Theme Heroes are new flexible hero options that can add visual impact to your site, and can be tailored for any purpose.

Highlights include: 

  • Individual heroes on pages can be used for branding, audience engagement, a call to action, feature content content intro, seasonal content, full screen takeover, sponsorship, etc.
  • Website hero can be used for branding, promotions, a call to action, current information, etc. as the website header or masthead.
  • New fully customizable hero template options available with recommended layouts for news, music, programming, promotions, branding, social, and weather

Theme Blog Content Header: New content header template options for blog posts are available with recommended layouts that are suitable for news, music/entertainment, lifestyle, or editorial website content.

Highlights include

  • All content header template options have a modern, large display feature to maximize visual impact and audience engagement

Theme Ads: 2 new built-in ad slots for a total of 5 slots in the SoCast 3.0 theme. Ad slots include: Header, Footer, Full Page ad in blog posts, Lightbox Banner, and Gallery Big Box.

Highlights Include: 

  • New option to insert a separate full page ad slot widget in a custom position onto any page (for standard pages – not for blogs, events, contests, or listings)
  • More flexible ad display with no size restrictions for most ad slots
  • All ad slots can appear on all screen sizes
  • Any size ad can be inserted into most ad slots

If you are interested in our new theme or have any questions, please reach out to the support desk: support@socastdigital.com